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The calculation method of IP address

Compute related addresses by IP address and subnet mask and operations When you know the IP address and subnet mask, you can figure out: 1, network address 2. Broadcast Address 3. Address range 4

Linux Network Programming--string IP and binary IP conversion

Tags: network programming binary INET_NTOA Inet_pton binary IP addressOne: unsafe (non-reentrant) inet_xxx () function FamilySince computer-understood IP is stored in binary form, the conversion of string IP and binary IP is often required in

Linux Network Programming--string IP and binary IP conversion

Tags: Linux network programming binary IP address inet-ntoa inet-pton IP address TranslationOne: unsafe (non-reentrant) inet_xxx () function familySince computer-understood IP is stored in binary form, the conversion of string IP and binary IP is

Use Python to compute IP, TCP, UDP checksum

Tags: result end-to-end summation for analysis source address own span append1.1 Calculation of IP checksumIP check is for the IP header, that is, only the IP header, and for the IP data part of the verification, the corresponding four times the

PowerShell the method of converting IP address into binary _powershell

The IPV4 address is actually a 32-bit binary number, and then we divide it into four segments, 8 bits per paragraph. The 8-bit binary can be expressed in a range of 0~255, so that every digit in the dotted decimal system is 0~255. Sometimes, for exam

DBA-known MYSQL backup and restore method

Tags: NMF adb automatic compilation method test Max CTI HWMOne mysqldump backup combined with Binlog log recoveryDescription: MySQL backups generally take the form of full-database backups plus log backups, such as performing a full backup every day,

Jmap of "deep JVM" JVM tools

Tags: JVM tools java HeapI. Introduction of TOOLSIf you configure the Java\bin directory to an environment variable, the cmd input jmap will be prompted as follows:Translation: Prints out the case of a Java process (using PID) in memory, all '

"MySQL5.7 from beginner to Proficient (Video tutorial Edition)"

Tags: memory common storage function backup and recovery error log evel MySQLdb ati differentThe video address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1slVvI8H password: 7e4n; PDF in the group file of QQ Group (668345923)This book mainly includes the installation

In the written question front end summary ABC class address reprint

Tags: conversion success topic broadcast Local packet ACK modified modeWhat are Class A, Class B, Class C addresses?Http://www.cnblogs.com/li-hao/archive/2012/04/06/2434563.htmlClass B addresses the 1th and 2nd bytes are network addresses, and the

Conversion method for RGB color and 16 binary colors

Tags: style http color SP on data BS AD EFCommon ways to represent colors in Web pages are: 1.Color name (color name) with color name to specify the color, this method is concise and intuitive, one can see what color, but the biggest disadvantage is

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