Brew advanced and proficient-3G mobile value-added service operation, customization and development-integrated IDE environment in 57-brew SDK

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Brew can be developed based on C/C ++ of any Windows XP or Windows 2000 or later operating systems, but in terms of integrated development environment (IDE, microsoft Visual Studio (6.0 or. net ). brew provides add-in for Visual Studio, which allows you to easily create projects, develop code, and debug Based on Simulators in Visual Studio.

During installation, Visual Studio is usually installed first, and then brew SDK and brew add-in are installed. After the installation is successful, the brew toolbar, for example, is displayed in the Visual Studio toolbar, the corresponding menu entries are displayed in the Tools menu (Figure 12-2 ).

In the create a new project list of Visual Studio, a BREW application generation wizard is displayed. This Wizard can automatically generate a brew project. Through the brew toolbar, you can easily use the tools in the SDK and the corresponding cross compiler. In the Visual Studio environment, you can create the makefile required to compile the target code of the ARM platform. This is also true for. Net users.

Starting from Brew mobile platform, brew plans to use eclipse as another major integrated development environment.

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