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MAC Installation Brew

Tags: iOS brewDamiage:test damingwuage$ ruby-e "$ (curl-fssl"It appears Homebrew is already installed. If your intent is to reinstall youShould do the following before running this

Ios-homebrew MacOS Package Management

Tags: script cannot profile sublime including Eve support Inf Lin1, Homebrew Introduction 1.1 Homebrew Homebrew is a software package management tool under MacOS platform, which has many useful functions such as installing, uninstalling,

Mac uses brew to install Cocopods

Tags: BSP and home round article technology sharing software project FSSCocoapods is a common tool used by iOS to manage third-party class libraries. However, it was found that many articles on the Web were installed directly using Ruby and needed

iOS development-Creating simulator packages for iOS projects for running tests on iOS emulators on other computers (Creating an iOS Simulator Build)

Tags: iOS build simulator package iOS Simulator simulator install test programLater in the development of iOS programs, you need to package and distribute the program to everyone for testing. In general, this type of test is a real-machine test,

GitHub Ios-top 100 Introduction

Label:GitHub's Top 100 iOS third-party summary profiles make it easy for developers to choose the right third-party framework. Project Name Project Information 1. afnetworking The author is the blogger

GitHub's forward 100 iOS project

Label:1. Afnetworking author is the blogger of Nshipster, the great deity figure of IOS development field, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, open source a lot of awesome projects, this is one of them, afnetworking adopt Nsurlconnection +

Introduction to the Top 100 IOS open source libraries on GitHub

Label:A brief introduction to the current GitHub Top 100 project makes it easy for beginners to quickly learn about the current objective-c on GitHub. Project Name Project Information 1. afnetworking The

IOS Automation Environment Building--macaca

Tags: technology get xctest Function drive web use Chinese artMacaca-java for iOS Automated Environment setupBasic principle Analysis:, Environment construction1, install eclipse; -----Java Development

Mobile Automation Test-mac-ios-appium environment Construction

Tags: session run art post iOS OS ash completeThe first stepInstall JDK, this installation step can be ignored if the machine has 1.7 or more versions.Baidu download JDK and configure environment variables vim ~/.bash_profileCheck if the

"go" to those handy iOS development tools

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p>Original:<br>Objective<p><p>From Apple's invention of the iphone, one of the stories on

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