Buffalo WHR-G301N Gargoyle (stone ghost) firmware successfully brushed into WHR-G300N V2, normal use in!

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It is said that Buffalo WHR-G301N and Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 is the same, but the former marketing Island, Europe and the United States and other countries in the world, the latter is my goods.

It is also said that some of the non-key component models of the two are slightly different (is it just the difference between materials), But I compared the dismounting photos of the two, found that apart from the PCB printing date is different, the PCB circuit diagram, PCB model, and PCB version are the same.

It is also said that Buffalo HR-G301N in the island of similar products sales of the first, but also marketing the world. Because of the many users, the hardware routine, will get the support of DD-WRT and Gargoyle two famous third-party router firmware, as well as the informal support of OpenWRT, however, many enthusiasts have developed available OpenWRT firmware for it. In addition to Tomato, this route is highly playable.

After purchasing 652brp, D-Link last April, and Mercury MW330 routes in December 615, suddenly found that I am facing the "a certain Xun" e-commerce to 99 yuan special sale Buffalo WHR-G300N V2, cheap a lot, even if the main routing, small volume, used for relay is good, after DD is brushed, the signal quality can be found. It is still relatively easy to use.

In the past few days, because of two books, one would like to open P2P to watch movies or download, the other would like to play COD8 online, and the DD QoS configuration, it seems ineffective, as long as one of the books is on thunder, the PING value of COD8 in another book will double, and the number of people will move around and get stuck.

According to user experience, QoS of OpenWRT and Tomato is better than DD. However, G300Nv2 cannot be used to set Tomato; OpenWRT can be used to set up OpenWRT firmware for G300Nv2 in "then seven years", but there is a bug that the CPU frequency and RAM information are zero, some netizens replied that some features are unstable or compatible. It reminds me that Gargoyle of Tomoto does not support QoS and supports G301N.

I searched for a message on the Internet, but I didn't find the G301N Gargoyle firmware which was successfully flushed into G300Nv2. No one answered the question in the forum. I got a positive response when I asked the blog "seven years later, however, I did not say that I have tested the machine.

Install tftp for Ubuntu tonight (to prepare for changing bricks, but not to use it if Telnet is successful), and thenUsing Telnet in Windows 7, the Gargoyle (stone ghost) firmware for Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 was successfully flushed into the Buffalo WHR-G301N.

Tested,Cold start is normal, restart is normal, except for the Security indicator light is not on, other indicators are normal, memory information is correct, LAN port is normal, WIFI is normal, ADSL PPPoE dialing is normal,It was found that its official online game mode optimized Ping value QoS guide, hoping to achieve better QoS performance, which is currently under study...

Detailed guide to flash: how to use Telnet and tftp to fl the router firmware

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