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Original title: Website procedure of the Forum Community article author: Gougliang

There should be a division of labor in the community, and there should be divisions on the Internet. Because the division of labor is detailed, the social life has the law, then when the network is very messy, whether also need to sum up the network division of labor?

In this "Internet society", the big line is BBS and CMS, then there are blogs, shopping malls, friends, love to ask. What are the areas that each program represents?

In this article, talked about is the BBS, a very extensive application of the Web site procedures, different platforms, different developers have, there seems to be a market and very potential. This is true, but it does not mean that the blind establishment of a BBS is a success.

Because a forum community should first consider the characteristics, this is a problem that has been bothering me, what exactly is the characteristics of it? I'm not going to sum it up before, but I'm finally getting something. This should be attributed to the mainstream of your community. When most of your forum is original, your forum feature is the original forum; when most of your forum is discussed, your feature is a discussion forum; When your forum is watered, your forum is more confusing; When your forum is for trading, your forum is a forum for buying and selling.

These are only some of the characteristics of the forum, of course, can not be sweeping.

If you know what the features are, how do you develop them?

1, determine the theme of a good forum, divided into good columns. Topic set down, the column revolves around the theme. Once the column has been set down, don't change it at will, generally speaking, it takes one months to set up a forum, the specific content of the supplementary column is one thing, OK column, avoid to change the column after opening the altar, this is cruel to the visitors, if you swap the column every day, users visit your forum just like into the maze.

2. The basic system of the Forum. Just like the social system, did we not begin to receive education from an early age? Not only that, we have received from childhood also: respect for teachers, loyal party patriotic and so on. You can recall that when we first grade in primary school, wearing a red scarf? Is it a good one to sing? These are coming into our lives from the moment we begin to accept knowledge. So, as a virtual community, the forum needs to do so at the beginning. As for the specific system and the specific requirements of each column, and so on, I think we can go to other famous forums, learn, as if the laggards why is a successful forum? Because he is very simple, introduced a outdated concept, both fresh and authoritative, and then set the relevant authority in each plate, so that the outdated and not outdated the distinction. Citing the outdated forum as an example, you should understand that a forum for the overall planning needs to be implemented in each sub-column to implement, of course, there are some moderators of the system is also to be considered.

3, the basic changes of the forum. A simple forum description, a heart of the logo, some simply modify the need, otherwise the visitors will see the same forum, not much good first impression. When a visitor comes to your forum, he will judge the forum based on your column, and then he always wants to find out a little bit about the forum and then consider whether to register as a member. Of course, at this time, you can force the user to register through some attractive titles, but the registered users are not high. At this time, I suggest you put a slogan in the eye-catching position to illustrate the theme of your forum.

4, the early stage of the forum publicity activities. One of the activities as a beginning, is to promote the basis of the forum's popularity, it can be said to be a more friendly form. Before the establishment of the activity, consideration may be given to adjusting the basic system, because the forum has just begun, it is impossible to limit too much, so this activity can be said to be a promotional activity, in other words, members can get all the benefits of the forum during the event, after the activity time, the new members can only from the basic system to join the forum, Have to go through a lot of tests to have all the benefits of the forum.

On the characteristics of the forum, I just discussed the four point, I think, from these four points to do, the intention to do, a unique forum will not be so difficult.

The development of the Forum needs to continue to join the membership and excellent posts, so you either choose not to do forums, or to accept the test of patience. This patience, including the establishment of the forum before the search for space or host, the establishment of forum topics of choice, division, detailed system customization, the basic changes to the forum, the planning of activities, members of the management, moderators, such as the allocation of a series of patience.

I ran a forum two years ago, members more than 200,000, is a download nature of the forum, at that time, I remember the forum is relying on rich plug-ins to win everyone's favorite, and then the forum atmosphere is very good, moderator's work is also very positive. Unfortunately, however, as the Forum database increases to 200M (AC database), the expiration of space, plus other reasons, has to be closed.

I like the network, has been a webmaster for five or six years, although no big, but also happy to them, because made of the site is like a lovely child, watching him laugh, watching him learn to walk, watching him by others welcome, in the heart feel very gratified.

Finally, for those who want to set up the forum community, I have three points of advice, I hope to help you.

1, you can not programming, but must be familiar with the forum program, do not need to install too many plug-ins, even if the installation can not make too many changes to the source program, you are no good.

2, choose to open a forum, there are two ways. One is in a certain amount of traffic on the premise of the site, add a forum community, this way can quickly accumulate popularity, I think that the forum, is within one weeks registered membership of more than 1000. The other is, slowly accumulate, starting from scratch to do the forum community, this situation, you have to have a lot of patience to accept any challenge.

3, more learning other forums, must not be quick, the forum has not done well, thinking about how to put ads, how to make money, is very hard, to make the forum community as a fun, so there is a steady stream of power.

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