how to build forum website from scratch

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Teach you how to build a discuz!4.1 forum from scratch (fig)

With the development of the network more and more users began to learn to build their own website, through the site to provide their own information to other people, and through the Forum and other friends to discuss issues, to express their views.

Build Station share: How to plan a forum?

Original title: Website procedure of the Forum Community article author: Gougliang There should be a division of labor in the community, and there should be divisions on the Internet. Because the division of labor is detailed, the social life has

Teach you how to build discuz from scratch! 4.1 Forum (figure)

With the development of the Internet, more and more netizens began to learn how to build their own websites, provide their own materials to others through the website, and discuss issues with other friends through forums to express their opinions.

Forum moderators and administrators cultivate development experience

A good jar is not one or two people can support. I have done a lot of forum administrators, put all the energy in the external promotion and make their own vest crazy paste above. Paste a page after page, or no popularity, in fact, this is used to

Easily build your own Linux distribution

Many people who want to build their own Linux distributions may find it interesting or useful to learn more about Linux, or because they have a very formal problem to solve. But the secret is that it's not difficult to build a perfect release. In

From scratch Learn sketch--advanced article-B

Learn sketch--from the beginning of the zero-step articleSketch is a vector drawing application, and vector drawing is undoubtedly the best way to make Web pages, icons, and interface designs today.With the initial knowledge of sketch's interface

From scratch, classic website promotion 24 strokes

Promotion | Website promotion --poor two white three promotion, no money to push the site01, the first sentence of thousands of words: first the content of the site to do a good job!However, here must emphasize one point: do not blindly superstition

How to select appropriate website programs

How to select a suitable websiteProgram For most novice webmasters, if they want to build their own websites, they generally download some existing website programs from the Internet.Code. HoweverCMSPrograms are often confused and do not know

Build a website using github your site with GitHub GitHub has designed the pages feature to allow users to customize the project home page to replace the default source list. So, github pages can be thought of as user-

6 years to build a station road, from making 100 dollars to earn 50 yuan of evolution

Buddha said: "There is no tree bodhi, mirror is not Taiwan, there is no one, where to provoke dust." 7 years ago, the original young, classmates and teenagers, is bent on network life, stepping into the network. 7 years later, there is still no

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