Build the company's internal wiki system using open source software XWiki

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One application background description

In peacetime operation and maintenance work, the regular work of the document collation is very important, whether it is normal work or work handover, real-time preservation of documentation can improve work efficiency. If you use a traditional TXT document or Word document to record the changes are not very convenient, the use of online wiki can be better for people to view or modify the document in real-time.

Wiki system do better is confluence, but confluence need to buy license to use, online also have cracked version. Compared to multiple open-source wiki systems, we chose XWiki as our wiki system because it provides functionality that is very similar to that of confluence, without the need to learn any syntax formatting and to edit wiki pages directly online like word editing.

The XWiki has several notable functional features:

1) Multi-lingual support, can support English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.

2) attachments can be uploaded

3) Support LDAP mode Authentication login

4) You can import Office documents directly as wiki pages, or you can export wiki pages as Office documents or PDF documents

5) Users do not need to learn any wiki syntax format, directly using the WYSIWYG editor for wiki page editing.

6) Features version control management, and can be rolled back to previous versions of history

7) User-friendly, feature-rich, built-in search engine, can be searched in the station.

8) User and group Rights Management, space and page Rights management

9) Email notification function

Two mounting XWiki

Currently the latest official version of XWiki is 6.3, which can be installed separately or in conjunction with other web containers such as Tomcat. Here we use Tomcat as a container to install XWiki

This article uses the CENTOS6 series operating system

1) Install Java and Tomcat

Yum-y Install JAVA-1.7.0-OPENJDK

Install the Chinese font Library

Yum Install Autocorr-zh.noarch libreoffice-langpack-zh-hans.x86_64 libreoffice-langpack-zh-hant.x86_64


wget Http://

2) Enter the installation directory of Tomcat, depending on your tomcat installation directory.


mkdir XWiki

Put the Xwiki-enterprise-web-6.3.war in the XWiki directory


Unzip Xwiki-enterprise-web-6.3.war

3) Edit Tomcat server.xml Modify 8080 port description set encode to UTF8 and allow gzip compression

<connector port= "8080" protocol= "http/1.1" connectiontimeout= "20000" redirectport= "8443" uriencoding= "UTF-8" compression= "on" compressionminsize= "2048" Compr Essablemimetype= "Text/html,text/xml,text/css,text/javascript,application/x-javascript"/>

4) Configure the JVM's memory size and installation path

If Tomcat is installed through Yum, you need to modify this file like/etc/tomcat6/tomcat6.conf

If you are using the Tomcat source package installation, modify bin/ this file

Java_home= "/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk.x86_64/" java_opts= "-xmx300m-xx:maxpermsize=196m"

5) Configure Nginx forwarding

The default XWiki through a similar http://xxxx:8080/xwiki/

Access, you can configure Nginx forwarding

Reference Documentation:




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Build the company's internal wiki system using open source software XWiki

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