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Internet/intranet Network application process, the construction of Web server is indispensable, and domestic enterprises and institutions in the networking program more consider to the intranet closer. Build their own web server, using the WWW, e-mail and other services to improve office efficiency. In China, SCO Unix as a technologically mature commercial network operating system, widely used in finance, insurance, telecommunications and other industries. Its own built a wealth of network functions, since the SCO OpenServer 5.0, the content of various network services greatly enhanced, coupled with its good stability and security, without any additional investment can be configured into the Enterprise internal Web server, using the client (Win 9x browser software can realize the various functions of WWW, is to make full use of existing investment, reduce costs of a good way; UNIX Web servers are used successfully in some commercial websites, and if you are familiar with SCO Unix, you may consider choosing SCO The UNIX network operating system establishes an enterprise-class Internet Web server.

This paper takes SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 as an example to introduce the method of constructing the Web server of enterprise network on the basis of existing office network. Build a SCO UNIX Web server (IP address: in a network segment, where the client operating system is win 95/98/NT and the browser is IE, so it has a good web editing environment and browsing interface (of course, You can also choose the Web browsing environment under Linux environment. Among them, there is a win 9x client (IP address: has the ability to remotely manage Web servers and upload Web pages; in another b segment of the WAN, there are some web browsing clients, including a win The 9x client (IP address: is also set to have the ability to remotely administer a Web server.

1. Installation of Internet Manager software packages

SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 System installation and network configuration This is not to tell, but users need to be aware of the installation process to select the default package installation, so that the system includes the Intranet/internet Web services. If you do not select a default package installation, you will install the Netscape Communicator (Ver 4.0.5b) and SCO OpenServer Enterprise System Internet faststart (Ver 5.0.5m) packages. The specific step is to insert SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 system installation CD, with the #scoadmin→software command, select the installation of the above two packages on the CD-ROM installation, installation completed, reboot the host.

2. WWW Server remote management settings

Although SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 provides the ability to manage the WWW server in the graphical interface of the console, the remote management of the WWW server allows administrators to more easily and flexibly maintain the WWW server through remote clients. Here WWW server IP address is:,WWW Server Remote Management client IP address is:,WWW home page is stored under the directory/usr/www (the system default WWW home page directory is/usr/ Internet/ns_httpd/docs).

Internet Manager configuration: Log on to SCO UNIX hosts with root, edit/usr/internet/admin/access/site files, and add the local client IP address of the remote Management Server to the file:

Edit the/usr/internet/admin/conf/httpd.conf file and change the "ServerName localhost" line to "ServerName".

Reboot the host and update the configuration.

Netscape fasttract Server Configuration: Log in with root, edit/usr/internet/ns_httpd/admserv/ns-admin.conf file, "ServerName SCOSYSV.CCB" Change the line to "ServerName", and Change the "Addresses" line to "Addresses"

Reboot the host and update the configuration. Go to the/usr/internet/ns_httpd/httpd-80 directory, run the Stop, stop the HTTP Service Manager, run start, and start the HTTP service management program.

3. Remotely start Internet Manager

In the Windows 95/98/NT client startup IE browser, enter the server's IP address in the address bar and the port number of the Internet Manager (615) and the first file name-- Menu.mana, you are prompted for your username and password, and you can use the administrative user "admin" of the system's default Internet manager and the default password "root" when you log on for the first time, and then enter the Internet Manager interface after you log in.

The system displays a variety of service content, clicks on the Web button, enters the management portal of Netscape Fsattrack Server, selects the hyperlink Netscape FastTrack Server (port 80), and the Login dialog box for the admin interface appears. Enter the admin username and the default password root and enter the management screen of Netscape FastTrack Server 2.01 after successfully logging in.

4. Modify the configuration of the Web Server Manager

In a row of options on the Admin interface, click System Settings, and then by selecting options such as network settings, performance tuning, the server home directory, server name, HTTPD Listener port number (default 80), Parameters such as the number of processes on the server are set.

In the list of options in the Admin interface, click Content Mgmt, and then click Primary Document Directory on the left, and in the Primary Directory box in the body area, enter the main pathname "/usr/www" where the WWW home page will reside. If you need to set up a directory for the new user MyWeb in the main document directory, make sure that you set access control permissions on the directory that you set up.

The following are the referenced contents:
#mkdir MyWeb
#chown Nouser MyWeb
#chgrp Nouser MyWeb
#chmod 755 MyWeb

After you enter the Internet Manager interface, click System Settings, and then click Document Preferences on the left to add or modify the default first page HTML filename, click the OK button, and select Save and apply. Make the modification valid. The system default first page HTML file name is index.html, home.html.

After entering the Internet Manager interface, click Security, select Set Internet manager Password, modify admin password, or log in as root, and type/etc/in character mode. INTERNETPW to carry on.

After entering the Internet Manager interface, click Security, select Control Access from remote Sites, and enter to add a client that manages the Web server remotely. This method is more convenient and faster than editing/usr/internet/admin/access/site files in a UNIX character environment.

When the Web server is set up, upload the Web page to the main path of the WWW homepage/usr/www, the system default first file name is: Index.html, in the SCO UNIX system, the file name is strictly distinguished by letter case, So the letter size of the filename on the UNIX host page may be different from the win 9x. Once the Web page is uploaded, it will be possible to browse to the Web page on the SCO UNIX system on the client.

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