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As you know, a regular MP3 song file name should contain albums, artists, titles, and other songs-related attributes that are merged with MP3 files in the form of MP3 ID3 tags. Normally we might see only the file name of the song file and not the label, and if you switch the file display to details in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 environments, you can see the labels (Figure 2).

However, not all software can display the label of the MP3 file as Windows Explorer does. For example, in some of the player's File Selection window, it is impossible to determine the file tag information through the filename. In this case, if the file name does not appear with the album property, the use of the "mop rename" renamed the Software, from the MP3 file to extract music labels, and then the label as part of the file name, you can complete the label of the music file rename.

Start the mop rename and drag the MP3 series file to the Rename window. Click on the Label naming tab to see some of the following numeric variables with a percent semicolon representing some attribute in the song label. With the combination of these variables, you can easily construct a new label expression and apply the constructed expression to the filename, and you can finish naming the file with the tag. This assumes that we want to use the "album Name + song title" form to name the file, simply enter "%4-%2" in the "Label expression" text box, and then click on the "Preview" button at the bottom of the lower window in the middle of the "preview" column will appear renaming effect. If the rename preview is satisfactory, you can press the key combination "ctrl+e" to achieve a real file name change (Figure 3).

Small tips:

Sometimes, the MP3 song that we get loses the MP3 tag in the file for some reason. The MP3 file that loses the label, plays the software not to be able to recognize the music the album name or the artist name and so on the label information, this will bring the choice to play the inconvenience. To resolve this issue, you can write the song tag by using the "tag write" feature of the mop rename. Enter the label text you want to add in the Label input box, then enter the variable combination of the label in the expression, and click "Save" to save the label to the MP3 file.

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