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Bulk Rename Utility get rid of meaningless photo file names

The digital photos we take are often the names of files, such as dsc1089.jpg or img_7543.jpg format, from which you can only see the sequence number, and if you want to view the date of the photograph, you have to use the System file properties or the tool software to extract the date view from the photo's EXIF metadata. In fact, you can use the batch file naming

Log file Bulk Rename

#!/bin/Bash#2015 -08-12ip_pool=(`Echo 10.20. the. { One.. -}` `Echo 10.142.194. { -.. +}`) forIpinch${ip_pool[@]}; Donode=`ls/disk3/yh_data/data/mobile2.0/${ip}/PV ' forNinch${node}; DoCD/disk3/yh_data/data/mobile2.0/${ip}/pv/${n}lspv+ -*.log|sed "s/pv+\ ([^.] \+\) \ (\.log\)/MV clientpv+${n}+${ip}+\1\2/e" Done Done forIpinch${ip_pool[@]}; Donode=`ls/disk3/yh_data/data/mobile2.0/${ip}/Info` forNinch${node}; DoCD/disk3/yh_data/data/mobile2.0/${ip}/Info/${n}lsclient+weblogiclogsname*+ -*.

Batch rename file name small software

referenced and needs to be renamed, you can use this little software to help you.Originally to upload to csdn resources, but always pop-up let me log in. Click "OK" still not, also can't close the page, do not know the thought is in the virus. Fortunately, we are all experienced people, a tick, the last page shows the server exception. Tried many times can not, finally give up, to the embrace of Baidu Cloudback to the chase: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1q

Bulk Rename Utility Let the photo name come with the source

In a digital library, if you attach a path name to a hidden folder to a photo file name, even if the photo is copied to a different computer, you will be able to determine at a glance where the photo was hidden. Suppose the photo folder is named "Travel of the Summer Palace" and the photo is named "Img_0629.jpg" in a format that would like to be named after the "Summer Palace travel-img_0629.jpg". You can use the

Bulk Rename utility does not display the extension also renamed

In our traditional impression, to change the file extension, you need to first display the extension through the system settings, and then change the name. In fact, if you use some renaming software, you can ignore the file name extension is displayed, directly in the extension project to fill in the new extension, the implementation of the

Bulk Rename Utility MP3 music label Change song name

As you know, a regular MP3 song file name should contain albums, artists, titles, and other songs-related attributes that are merged with MP3 files in the form of MP3 ID3 tags. Normally we might see only the file name of the song file and not the label, and if you switch the file display to details in Windows 8.1 or Wi

Directly rename files in batches without using external software)

I have seen a lot of software on the forum that can rename files in batches. Of course, I have downloaded and used it myself, but the features seem to be quite general. In fact, you can simply rename files in batches without using software. Select all files to be renamed in batches. Right-click the first

Rename command usage in Linux learning to modify file names

, the commandsRename foo foo0 foo?Rename foo foo0 foo??Would turn them into foo001, ..., foo009, foo010, ..., foo278.andRename. htm. html *.htmWould fix the extension of your HTML files.You can see that the Rename command is dedicated to file renaming, and according to the following example, rename can

Linux Programming 5 (Directory rename with move mv, delete file rm, directory creation mkdir delete rmdir, view file,cat,more,tail,head)

Tags: Resolution type img Number requires test head file type otherI. File rename and move (MV)   In Linux, renaming files is called moving (moving). The MV command can move files and directories to another location or rename them.  1.1 Using the MV RenameBelow/usr/local create an empty

Batch file name modification under Linux (rename)

: Overwrite already exists when changing file name if changed files already existthe file. Typical applications of rename: 0. Batch Change file name extensions $ ls1.txt 2.txt 3.txt 4.txt$ Rename ' s//.txt//.ext/' *$ ls1.ext 2.ext 3.ext 4.ext1. Delete

Batch file name modification under Linux (rename)

mode.-F,--forceForce:overwrite existing files.Mandatory mode: Overwrite already exists when changing file name if changed files already existThe file.Typical applications of rename: 0. Bulk Change file name extensions $ ls1.txt 2.txt 3.txt 4.txt$ Rename ' s//.txt//.ext/' *

Python Batch Rename file example

difference between match and search: Match is to start from scratch, search is greed. Well, it's not that complicated. There's a thing called bulk Rename utility to rename. Add one more Enter the specified directory in which the program processes the directory and its subdirectories that contain big.jpg files. Rename

Python Batch Rename file example

existing file. Availability:unix, Windows The code is as follows Copy Code Import OSDirpath= "D:/workbench/crazyant.net/myfiles"For fname in Os.listdir (Dirpath):Newfname=fname[3:]Newfpath= "%s/%s"% (dirpath,newfname)Oldfpath= "%s/%s"% (dirpath,fname)Os.rename (Oldfpath, Newfpath) In fact, using Os.listdir to read all the files inside, and then use Os.rename file

How to rename a batch file on a Mac

 How to rename a batch file on a Mac rename multiple files on a Mac tutorial Renaming a batch file on a MAC is a very simple feature, similar to the "Find and Replace" method in Microsoft Word, by looking up a string of text and replacing the text for the purpose of renaming. 1. First select the files in the Finder t

Java implementation file Batch Rename Pro-Test available (compact version) _java

good long prefix oh" ~~~~~ and (I am the small tail of Meng Meng) removed, just add two replacement rules on the Replacementchain. Replacementchain.addregulation ("I am a good long prefix oh" ~~~~~ "," "). Addregulation (" I am the little tail of Meng Meng) "," ""); Addregulation supports chained calls. Step three, call the batch rename method Rename.multirename ("f:\\ Test Folder", Replacementchain); Two parameters are passed, the first is the

Java implementation file Batch rename concrete instance _java

The Windows operating system can implement renaming file operations, but it cannot implement bulk renaming. This example implements the batch renaming function, which can be renamed in batches of the same type in a folder according to certain rules. The user can give the renamed template, and the program can rename the corresponding

File copy, movement, deletion, and rename operations provided by the system

Preface it often takes about half an hour to manually copy the code of the system file. It uses a number of recursion operations to determine the file attributes and check whether it is a folder or a file. Then, you can control the progress of the progress bar based on the file size. Do you really need to pay so much?

A Java-written batch rename file applet

Today learned the Java file operation, and then took the interest, wrote a can batch processing file naming small program, small program also has some imperfect place, but wins in interesting. For example, you can quickly change the files you don't want others to see ... Personal use, resulting in the consequences of data loss at your own risk.ImportJava.io.File;Importjava.sql.Date;ImportJava.util.Scanner;

Excel2003 use rename command ren combine batch to implement batch modify file name

A lot of novice friends have encountered such a problem is how to batch process change file name? You may not find a rename command ren in Excel, use it to quickly complete the batch file name, there is a good tutorial, you can try to operate under. Description: Changes the file name in the specified folder in

Rename file migration using php

Using php to rename a file migration first shows that this is a sad story. During the summer vacation, the school arranged for us to go to a software outsourcing company for an internship. it is very convenient to think about it without an interview. you can take this opportunity to learn from Daniel, although there is no salary (it is said that the school stil

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