By using AWS, Dena/Shanghai tour significantly shortens the launch time of new games and services

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About Dena/Shanghai

Founded in 1999, Dena is a world-leading online service company that covers social games, e-commerce, and other fields. Headquartered in Tokyo, Dena is now listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange (Trade Code: 2432) and has offices or R & D studios in 10 countries and regions including China, the United States, Singapore and Sweden. Currently, Dena has nearly 0.1 billion million users around the world, mainly engaged in social networking game platform mobage mengbao Valley is a world-renowned smart phone social game platform, free Multiplayer Online mobile social games developed by first and third parties are provided to users all over the world. Shanghai Longyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Longyou) is the Shanghai branch of Dena group.


Nowadays, the rapid development of the Internet is highly concentrated on civilian, social, and commercial data, promoting the "brutal growth" of massive data. As a typical platform for multiple people to "work" at the same time, an unprecedented opportunity is being created for the Shanghai-based tour. At the same time, many challenges also emerge. Dena's original main business covers its headquarters in Japan and North America. In recent years, with its popular games such as hot blood brothers and the Three Kingdoms, the market landscape in South Korea and China is being broken through, and the number of local game users is growing progressively. How to provide a stable gaming platform for these users and pass on the latest game resources of the company in the first place becomes the first issue to be solved by the Shanghai vertical tour. To this end, Shanghai zstack decided to use server expansion as its preferred solution. However, the self-built or overseas server leasing method will consume a lot of money and labor costs, and the multi-language demand and remote management will inevitably increase the company's operational pressure. In addition, it takes a long period to determine from the server screening to deployment. During this period, the gaming experience of target users will inevitably be affected, is there a way to quickly build servers at minimal investment and operation costs?

Why use AWS

As a listed game company, Shanghai Longyou is very cautious about the choice of partners. After careful research and comparison of multiple cloud service platforms, Shanghai Longyou finally chose to use the AWS cloud platform service, the overall architecture is improved by using cloud services such as EC2, VPC, RDS, S3, cloudfront, and route53 of AWS. When choosing AWS, the Shanghai tour is mainly based on the following considerations:

Complete cloud service system and Cost Control
AWS's flexible and flexible selection and complete construction structure can meet the business expansion needs of Shanghai Longyou, while saving deployment and operation costs:
Amazon EC2/VPC: with the high elasticity of Amazon EC2, you can adjust the capacity as needed. It allows EC2 and VPC to work together to provide security and powerful networking functions for the computing resources of Shanghai Longyou. Currently, all the servers in Shanghai Longyou use vpcs. Only a small number of servers use public IP addresses and impose access restrictions. user traffic is distributed to the appserver through ELB, load Balancing and high availability can be achieved at the appserver frontend. At the same time, the servers of the same game in Shanghai Longyou will be allocated to a sub-network, and the appserver can be directly connected to the backend memached or DB server.

Amazon S3: S3 is an internet-oriented storage service that stores static resources, installation programs, or resource packages in games that users often need to access, ensure the security and stability of user data.

Amazon cloudfront: it is mainly responsible for providing download acceleration services for static resources stored on S3 and game clients. In addition, some static resources on servers use Amazon cloudfront through ELB to accelerate access.

Amazon RDS: Some Games in Shanghai Longyou use RDS instead of self-built DB server, and the master database uses multi-Az. RDS allows data administrators of Dena to remotely set, operate, and expand relational databases. It also provides cost-effective and efficient adjustable capacity.

No Operating System Limit
Because AWS has no restrictions on the operating platform, you can use Linux, windows, and other operating platforms to run node. JS, Perl, or technology development provide a high level of flexibility for Shanghai Longyou games.

Human Services
AWS has a one-hour global response service and provides experienced technical engineers to quickly solve problems that may occur during the use of AWS for Shanghai-based tours, maximize the uninterrupted operation of game services. During the project implementation process, AWS's trust advisor service can help Shanghai tour to check the AWS environment at any time, and provide timely suggestions when it is possible to save money, improve system performance and reliability, or make up for security vulnerabilities.

Global coverage
The same AWS technology allows developers to easily deploy applications in different locations around the world, and end users are no longer limited in coverage. This feature helps Shanghai tour easily provide high-speed access to Japanese nodes for South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even global users, and ensures the stability of Chinese developers connecting to Japanese nodes.

Shanghai Longyou requires improved user experience and will build a sandbox environment early in the implementation of the game project. To control costs, t1.micro or m1.small is usually used in this environment. After the sandbox environment is set up, some debugging and testing work will be performed. When the game is officially launched, project developers, architects, and O & M managers estimate the number of servers, models, and costs required based on the game's performance in the sandbox environment. Then, they will apply to the business planning department, and work with the AWS team to complete formal deployment within 2-3 days, effectively reducing the product and service launch time. With the flexible elasticity of AWS, the Shanghai tour can easily face the rapid growth of Korean and Chinese port users, rapidly increase the number of servers according to their own needs, to ensure the quality of the game experience of players in the region. From the perspective of management and operation, AWS cloud services such as route53, RDS, S3, cloudfront, and elasticache are easier to use, maintenance does not require a lot of manpower and money, coupled with the remote control feature of AWS and the overseas deployment cost that can be saved in the initial stage of the project, the cost of using AWS is 20% lower than the cost of autonomous O & M.

Duan Lian, a technical engineer at Shanghai Longyou, said, "by using AWS, We can significantly shorten the launch time of new games and services. When the operation plan changes, we can easily adjust the server configuration and quantity, effectively saving operation costs. According to our current usage, the recovery speed of single point of failure is significantly higher than that of traditional physical servers, and we have never encountered a network-wide fault, which is far better than that of common IDC in China ."

More information

For more information about AWS game applications, see the AWS game hosting page:


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