Cadence Pad Making Summary

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Since the previous use of Altium Designer PCB, do the package when the pad is not to worry about their own, but began to use the cadence to find a lot of things that were not understood before, the need to draw their own pads, which led to the need to understand a lot of things they did not understand before, Here are some of the things that I learned in cadence, not in order, just to see what to write down, to prevent forgetting.

1 PCB Positive and negative

Positive and negative negatives only refer to two different display effects of a single layer. Whether you are setting a positive or negative layer, the PCB board is the same. Only in the course of cadence Processing, the data volume, theDRC detection, and the software processing process are different.

Positive: Positive is, you see what, is what, you see wiring is wiring, is really exist.

Negative: Negative is, you see what, there is nothing, you see, is precisely the need to corrode the copper skin.

The advantage of positive is that if the moving element or the vias need to be re-paved, there is a more comprehensive DRC check. the advantage of negative is that moving components or vias do not need to re-lay the copper, automatically update the copper, there is no comprehensive DRC calibration.

2 various pad settings when making through-hole pads

Regular pad (regular pad): should be the aperture of 1.5~2 times.

Thermal Relief (hot air pad): inner diameter (ID) = Aperture +20mil od (OD) = anti_pad diameter = Regular pad + 20mil Opening width = (od-id)/2 +10mil

Anti_pad (Isolation Pad):Regular pad + 20mil

Cadence Pad Making Summary

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