Cao Shu: Change all bad habits from now on

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New Year investment, whether you have earned or lost, this year throw away all the bad habits, change all the obstacles to make money

The hidden dangers, forget the past, start from the beginning

Some market investors are always immersed in the joy of past profits or the pain of loss in the course of trading, solid

Summarizing past lessons can help us improve our operations, but if we just stay in the past,

would be extremely dangerous. 、

Whether the past is profit or loss, we will face the vagaries of the future, the results of each new investment and

Will not be left to the past achievements. This is especially important for losing investors.

Some loss-making investors are always able to forget the past, and in the new deal they always think that I'm going to lose

Loss of all to compensate back, virtually so that they have lost the ability to analyze and judge the market changes, the profit is not shot

, blindly thinking about getting more profits, the result is often a loss and then loss. It's hard to forget the past, but it's easy to do a single. That

It is probably the best way to forget the past, to start from scratch and to do every single thing carefully.

After the careful summary, to avoid the wrong mistakes

After each trade, we should learn from our lessons. Especially for those recurring problems, but also to

Viewport Like some investors always love to chase up, a see price rise is considered to reverse the market, for fear of falling a round of rising prices

, the result repeatedly catch up repeatedly quilt cover, also some friends always afraid quilt cover. -See the market falls on the view that gold will enter

The decline, immediately cut the meat out, the result of a sell up, as if the market is watching his every move.

So we are more to summarize the lesson, once the market is the same situation again, first remind yourself this time

Do not make the same mistake again, do market analysis and judgment.

Reference analysis, to recognize the time

Due to the backwardness of our domestic real trader trading tools and the underdeveloped communication systems, many investors are able to

The analysis of the large institutions to be complacent, even think it is unsanitary environment. In fact, most of the time these big institutions

Comment Analysis has a certain timeliness, which is particularly prominent in the short-term review. It's like holding a body.

Tokyo Open Analysis as a guide to participate in the New York City of gold trading, the results are conceivable.

Some investors often do not pay attention to this when they get information, and at night they hear the radio and television tell about the large-body projections

The possibility of rising, to see the gold price may have an upward trend, without thinking immediately jump into the market, the result of gold prices do not rise and fall,

Got disgraced. To think about it only to find that this comment is only the morning of the opening of the Tokyo market Forecast, even yesterday

The forecast of the evening.

So it is important for our domestic traders to listen to the analysis and recognize the time.

Make a single bad. Temporary rest

It is impossible for anyone to judge the market movements consistently and correctly, and the one or two-time errors under normal circumstances will have little impact.

But if there is a succession of errors, it is likely to indicate that you have lost the ability to grasp the market, temporarily

should be the best choice at this time.

Market fluctuations never stop, do not worry about the opportunity to recover the loss, paper gold Investment Market money will never earn

Finish. If this is the case, in order to make up for losses and refused to stop, it is likely to incur greater losses. Because at this time you

The mentality of making a disk has been chaotic, losing the ability to observe the market calmly. It is called Lookers, onlooker sees most. Step backwards,

A re-examination of market changes is the choice to get a sense of market performance.

Technical charts, offensive references, not all-faith

The technical chart is a record of the historical trend of gold prices, and many graphic investors believe that history is often repeated. Indeed

Real gold prices are bound to repeat the trend, the market is always moving forward in the volatility. Graphic analysis can give future gold prices away

But investors need to know that it is the market, not the technical chart, that determines the price of gold. Transactions around the world

Investors are watching almost the same graphic, if all are traded according to the chart, I'm afraid the map of the city

There is only one line left in the shape. So we can rely on technical charts for market analysis, but not

Operation Chart.

Economic data, focus on

Almost every trading day countries have a series of economic data to be published, these data reflect the problems

With. Investors in the early days of the city faced many data factors that often felt difficult to do. Virtually every time the market is

There is a focus of attention that can only be found in the market focus to find the most influential data content. Like what

The focus of the market is on central bank interest rate cuts, so the focus of the market is on data that reflects inflation, such as

Other data, such as consumer prices, are a secondary factor, and the focus of the market is on the economic downturn.

, the focus of the market is on economic data that reflects economic prospects, such as consumer confidence.

We as the weak in the market, there is no need to analyze the possibility of good or bad, there are many economists around the world every

Days are studying this kind of problem, enough for us to use. What we're going to do is analyze the results of the data that might be on the market

The impact of the trend, and by this combination of data results on the market real impact to determine the market mentality changes. Only catch

Changes in the market mentality rather than economic data can be detrimental to market volatility.

Market Holidays, restructuring ideas

In addition to the Middle East market, the global Gold city is closed every week for two days, and countries have their own different holidays. If the market

Before the holiday, the price of gold to close the market, when the holiday is over, investors should be cautious to enter, such as according to the trading party before the rest

The risk of loss is likely to be incurred by Tiger. Because the rest gives global investors a good time to re-examine the former

The volatility of gold prices, many investors may change their previously irrational behavior. After we went to the end of the holiday

The market should be in line with Ning let three points do not grab one second principle, calmly observe the market changes, to determine new operational countermeasures.

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Cao Shu: Change all bad habits from now on

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