Caocao Cang Ting broke the first Xuan de Jingzhou according to Liu Biao

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Caocao Cang Ting broke the first Xuan de Jingzhou according to Liu Biao
But said Cao Shaozhao defeated, Rectification Army horse, meandering chase attack. Yuan Shao towel unlined, more than 800 ride, Ben to Liyang North Shore, General Shanyi Canal out of the village to greet. Before the case of the Yi Canal. Yi Qu is a scattered audience, all Saishao, and all ants together. Military potential complex vibration, the discussion also Jizhou. The time of the army, overnight in the barren mountains. Shaoxing in the account heard far cry, so private to listen to it. But is defeated together, tell the lost brother lost brother, abandon with the death of the bitter, each whack chest cry, all said: "If listen to tin fung of words, I wait how this woe!" "Shaoxing Big regret said:" I do not listen to the words of tin Fung, soldiers loser dead, now go back, what is the face to see it! The next day, the horse is between the lines, every Ji lead the army to pick up. Shaoxing to every Ji Yue: "I do not listen to the words of Tin Fung, to have this defeat." I return today, ashamed to see this man. "Every Ji because sentimentalist Yue:" Feng in prison to hear the Lord soldier defeated, Sanda Yue: Fruit not out of my material! "Saishao nu Yue:" Vertical Confucianism how dare to laugh at me! I will kill it! "Then the Messenger download sword first to Jizhou prison to kill Tin Fung."
But said Tin Fung in prison. Day, warder to see Feng Yue: "With Don't drive Hershey!" "Feng Yue:" Ho-hee can he? "Warder Yue:" General Yuan defeated and return, June will see heavy. "Feng Fei Yue:" I die now! "Warder asked Yue:" People are all for June XI, June what say Die also? "Feng Yue:" General yuan outside the wide and inside bogey, do not read loyalty. If I am victorious and happy, I will be forgiven, and now I am ashamed of my defeat, and I do not hope to live. "Warder was not believed. Suddenly Messenger download Sword to, preach Yuan Shao life, to take Tin Fung's first, Warder Square surprise. Feng Yue: "My solid know will die also." "Warder all Tears." Feng Yue: "Man born in Heaven and earth, do not know the Lord and things, is no wisdom also!" If you die today, how do you cherish your husband? "Is Ziwen in prison. Descendants have a poem Yue: "Yesterday, the loss of the army, Tian Feng prison died today." Hebei pillars are broken, the beginning of the stray state! "Tin Fung both dead and smelling lament."

Yuan Shao back to Jizhou, distracted, ignore politics. His wife Liu was persuaded to establish an heir. Shaoxing born three sons eldest son Yuan Tan, out of the Qing Qingzhou, the second son Shi Word, out of Youzhou, three sons Chang Word show Fu, is Shaoxing Tsumari Liu's out, raw morphology Rex, Shaoxing to love, so stay around. Since the Guandu defeat, Liu persuaded the state is still an heir, Shaoxing is with the trial, every Ji, Sing, Guo Map Four people deliberation, the original trial, every two people, to the auxiliary Chang; Xin, Guo Two, to auxiliary Yuan Tan; four are their lord. Now Yuan Shao that four people said: "This foreign aggression has no interest, the matter has to be set early, I will discuss the heir: the eldest son Tan, for human nature just killed; the second son of the city, is soft and cowardly difficult to become; three sons still, there is a table of heroes, Li Yin Jing, I want to make it. What's the meaning of the public? "Guo Map Yue:" Among the three sons, Tan Wei long, and now live outside, the Lord if the son of a long, this disorderly Meng also. This gunwi slightly down, enemy soldiers foe, how to make father and son brothers against each other in disorder Yes? The Lord, ignoring the enemy's policies, heir the matter, without much discussion. "Yuan Shao hesitated. Suddenly reported Shi 60,000, from the Youzhou, Yuan Tan lead 50,000, from Qingzhou, nephew Gao Gan also led soldiers 50,000, from the state to: Jizhou luring. Shaoxing XI, and then the Devil Malay War. When the soldiers, displayed on the river, the natives Sango to greet. To see the elders, and to make a white beard, and to sit in the book, he asked, "How old is Laozhang?" "Answer Yue:" To nearly hundred years old. "Ye Yue:" My sergeant disturbed your hometown, I am very uneasy. "Fathers said:" Huan Emperor, there are yellow star see Yuchu, Song of the points, Liaodong people Shan Shan Xiao Astronomy, overnight in this, the old man and other words: yellow star See Chanyu Elephant, is shining here. After 50 years, when there is a real person between Liang. This year, the whole 50 years. Ben Ben in the beginning of the people, the people all blame. Prime Minister Hing Righteousness of the soldiers, Shimin, Guandu a war, breaking Yuan Shao million of the public, is at that time Shing, trillion people are expected to peace. "The Laughter Yue:" What dares Laozhang say? Then took manservant silk silk to give the old man and sent. The command of the armed forces: "If there is a rural killing family of chickens, such as Murder!" "So the civil and military service. The mind Anxi. People reported Chauxauzu four states of the soldiers, get two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand, before the warehouse pavilion under the village. The soldiers move forward, the next village has been set. The next day, the two armies were opposite, each cloth into a battle. Empty array, Shaoxing also cited three sons and a nephews and civilian commanders out of the array before. said: "The beginning of the poor power to do, why still do not think surrender?" Straight to the knife pro, regret has no! "Shaoxing Furious, review the crowd will say:" Who dares to do? "Shang in the father before the hero, then dance two knives, flying horse empty array, from Mercedes-Benz." The audience will say, "Who is this?" "There and try replied:" This Yuan Shao three sons Chang also. "The word is not finished, one will be very early out of the gun." The view is that Xu Akira will Shi. Two rides intersect, not triad, still dial Spurs oblique and walk. Shi came, Yuan still bow and arrow, turn over the back, center Shi left eye, Fall horse and die. Yuan Shao see son victory, Whiplash a finger, brigade will come over, melee big Kill A, each Jongin also Zhai.

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    The operation and the various will discuss the strategy of breaking down. Cheng Yufan offer ten side ambush, advised to retreat troops in the river, ambush 10 team, lure Shaoxing Chase to the river, "Our Army no retreat, will Sizhan, can win Shaoxing." "It's a meter." The left and right points five teams. Left: A team of Xiahou Dun, two team Zhang Liao, three team Lidian, four team, five team Xiahouyuan; Right: A team of Cao Hong, the second team Zhang Yi, three team Xu, four teams on the ban, five teams high. Zhongjun Xu Yu as a pioneer. The next day, ten teams advanced, ambush around has been set. To midnight, the Xu Yu lead soldiers forward, pseudo rob the village of potential. Yuan Shao Wuzhai, together. Xu Ching will go. Yuan Shao the army came, shouting, and the dawn, drive to the river. Cao Army no way, big call Yue: "Before the way, the army why not Sizhan?" The army turned and struggled forward. Xu Yu Pegasus yourselves, force chopping ten will. Yuanjun the big mess. Yuan Shao retreat, behind the army back Cao Army came. Positive row: A sound drum, left Xiahouyuan, right high, two armies rushed out. Chauxauzu three son a nephews, die rushed crowd. No more than ten miles, the left side of the music, on the right in the forbidden to kill, killing Yuanjun corpses, Cheng. And the number of miles, left Lidian, right Xu, the two armies intercepted a burst.
    Yuan Shao father and son Gall, rushed into JIU Zhai. Make the armed forces meal, Fang want to eat, left Zhang Liao, right Zhang Yi, path to Chong Zhai. Shao-ji horse, before the Barn Pavilion. The horse is sleepy, want to rest, the back of the army came, Shashashe life and walk. Between the lines, right Cao Hong, left Xiahou Dun, blocking the way. Shaoxing Big call Yue: "If not decided Sizhan, will be the catch!" "Struggle to get out of the siege." Shi and Gao Gan were wounded by arrows. The Army horse died. Shaoxing hug three son cry A, don't feel faint. People first aid, Shaoxing mouth spit blood not only, sigh yue: "My self-calendar war dozens of field, do not today embarrassed this!" This day is lost! Thou shalt return to this state, and the oath and showdown of the CAO Thief! "Then teach Xin Comment, Guo map schemes he devises with Yuan Tan to Qingzhou reorganization, fear Cao besiege them; Shi still back Youzhou, Gao Gan still back and state: each to clean up the troops, in case of call." Yuan Shao cited Chang and so into Jizhou recuperate, make still and trial match, Feng Ji temporary palm military. But he said the rewarded from the Cang Ting victory, the armed forces, the Jizhou the actual situation. return: "Shaoxing is sick in bed." Chang, trial and match to keep the castle. Yuan Tan, Shi and Gao Gan all returned to the state. "All are persuaded to attack." Jizhou: "The food is very wide, the trial and the organic conspiracy, not urgent pull."
    Now he is in the field, the fear of the waste of the people's industry, after the fall into the late to take. "Zheng, suddenly Xunyu have a book to, said:" Liu Bei in Runan Liu Yan, Shandu tens of thousands of of the public. Wen Prime Minister to the army to Hebei, is to make Liu Yan Shou Runan, prepare himself headed to attack Xuchang. The Prime minister can return to the army. "To be astonished, to stay Cao Hong zhunbing the river, Bluff." The private soldier went to Runan to greet Liu Bei. But said Xuan De and Guan, Zhang, Zhao Yun, and so on, led the soldiers to attack reassures. Line near the mountain face, is met Cao soldiers killed, Xuan de convenient to the hill under the village, the army divided three teams: Yunchang zhunbing in the southeast corner, Zhang Fei zhunbing in the southwest corner, Xuan de and Jiang Yunnan Li Zhai. Caocao soldiers to, Xuan Tak clamor out. The cloth into the battle, called Hyun Tak dozen words. Hyun Tak is in the door. To whip the fingers and scold Yue: "I treat you as a guest, you what back righteousness forget Grace?" "Xuan de Yue:" ru commentary Notes Han phase, is a traitor! I am Han room clan, the Emperor Mizhao, to beg anti-thief! Then he recited the Obi edict at once. Xu Yu, Teach the battle. Hyun de behind Zhao Yun pretty gun. Two will intersect 30, dead heat. Suddenly shout big earthquake, southeast corner, Cloud long conflict come, southwest corner, Zhang Fei leads the army conflict. Three places together Shing. Cao Army far to Pikun, can not arrive, defeated and go. Xuan de victorious return to camp.
    The next day, and make Zhao Yun Shan. The start is not out of the army. Xuan de again make Zhang Fei Shan, Bing also not out. The more doubt the Xuan de. Suddenly reported gong all grain to, was surrounded by Cao Army, Xuan de urgent to make Zhang Fei to save. Suddenly and Xiahou Dun cited the army copied behind the Runan, Xuan de big surprised Yue: "If so, I siege before and after, no return!" "Urgent Yunchang to save it." Both armies go. Not a day, the Pegasus to report Xiahou Dun has broken Runan, Liu abandoned the city and go, the cloud is now surrounded by the long. Xuan Tak big surprise. He also reported to Zhang Fei to save Gong, and was surrounded. Hyun Tak anxious to return to the army, but also afraid of soldiers after attack. Suddenly reported the village outside Xu Yu Shan. Xuan de dare not to fight, waiting till Dawn, teach the sergeant to eat, step Army first up, MA June, after, the village in the virtual pass more points. Xuan Tak and so away from the village about line number, turn over Tu Shan, Torch aplanatic, the mountain on the big call Yue: "Hugh taught Liu Bei!" Prime Minister in this special wait! "Hyun-tak is lying about walking. Zhao Yun Yue: "The Lord do not worry, but with some." "Zhao Yun quite gun prancing horse, kill Kai, Xuan de double sword with. The Battle room. Xu Yu Chase, and Zhao Yunli war. Behind the ban, Lidian and to. Xuan de see potential crisis, left. Hear behind the shouting gradually, Xuan Dewan remote mountains secluded road, single horse escape.
    Until dawn, the side of the first Puma troops rushed out. Xuan de big surprised, see, is Liu Yan lead defeated thousand ride, Escort Hyun de small to come; Sun Hu. Jianyong, Mi Fang also to, said: "Summer Hou Jing potential very sharp, so abandon the city and go." Cao soldiers came, kidnap Yunchang block, so get off. "Xuan de Yue:" I do not know where Yunchang? "Liu Yan Yue:" The general and the line, but again to ignore. "In the number of miles, a good drum rang, the front of a puma." Yourselves general, but Zhang Yi, shouted: "Liu Bei fast dismount surrender!" "Xuan German side to back, saw the hill on the red flag grinding, an army from the Li inside, head general, is high." Xuan de two no road, the sky Big call Yue: "God what makes me suffer this embarrassed extremely!" It's better to die than this! "To draw the sword Ziwen, Liu Yan urgent stop said:" Allow a Sizhan, getaway save June. "I will come to the confrontation with the high-level." The war is not triad, is a high-level knife cut under the horse.
    Xuan de is lying, Fang want to self-war, high-level after the army suddenly from chaos, a will rushed to the array, the gun up, high-level roll over the Lok Ma. It is Zhao Yun. Hyun-tak is rejoicing. The Cloud longitudinal horse is quite a gun, kill scattered after the team, again to the former Army alone war Zhang Yi. Tai and cloud warfare more than 30, dial horse nationalists. Cloud momentum kill, but was Tai soldiers guarding the mountain, narrow path not to draw. Is getaway between, saw Cloud long, Guan Ping, Zhou Cang lead 300 army to. Two phase attack, kill back Zhang Tai. Each out of the pass, Occupy Mountain under the village. Hyun Tak make cloud long looking for Zhang Fei. The original Zhang Fei to save gong, Gong have been Xiahouyuan killed, fly struggling to kill back Xiahouyuan, meandering, but was happy into the army surrounded. Cloud Road every defeated, pursuit and go, kill back into the music, and fly with a later Xuan de.
    People reported Cao Army brigade came, Xuan de teach Sun Hu and other protection youngest first. Xuan Tak and Guan, Zhang, Zhao Yun in the back, and the war and go. See Hyun Tak to go far, accept the army not rush. Xuan de defeated discontent 1000, embarrassed and Ben. Before to a river, called the natives asked, but also the Han River. Xuan de right vote pitched. The natives know that it is Hyun-tak, dedicated to the sheep wine, is gathering drink on the beach. Xuan de sigh said: "Gentlemen all have mid, unfortunately follow Liu Bei." The life of the gentlemen. Today, there is no cone, Prudential fear wrong gentlemen. Why don't you abandon the democracy and vote for the fame? "All the faces were covered and cried. The Cloud Chang Yue: "elder brother say is bad." The former emperor and Xiang Yu contend for the world, a few defeats in the plume, after the JIU Li Mountain War success, and opened 400 years of inheritance. The success and failure of the military, how can be self-damaged his ambition! "Sun Hu Yue:" Success or failure sometimes, not to be lost. This is not far from Jingzhou. Liu Sheng Nine county, soldiers strong food foot, more and with the Common Han room clan, why not cast it? "Xuan Tak Yue:" But fear not to ear. "Dry Yue:" A wish to say first, so that the scene rose to the exit and welcome Zhuanggong "Xuan de exultation, then make Sun Hu starry night to Jingzhou."
    To the county into see Liu Biao, Hsinsheng, Liu Biao asked Yue: "Male from the Xuan Tak, why so far?" "Dry Yue:" Liu married the world hero, although Prine, and ambition to Kuangfu. Runan Liu Yan, Tundusu no desolating, also to die. Ming and married, the same as the Han room of the abdominal, this married new defeat, want to go to Jiangdong investment department. The illegal words say: not to back the pro and to the sparse. Jingzhou Liu General Rhenish Corporal, like the water of the investment East, not to mention the same clan? So married special envoy to worship white first. But the public life of the Ming Dynasty. "Table exultation Yue:" Xuan de, enclosed also. Long to meet and not to be. This Kenhuigu, is Xingshen! "Cai Yue:" not. Liu Bei first from BU, funeral Caocao, near cast Yuan Shao, all means finally, the foot can be seen as human. If this is the case, he will Gabin to me and Shinggango. It is better to chop Sun Hu's head, to sacrifice the devil, and to be a master of the Lord. "Sun Hu orthophoto Yue:" Do not fear the death of the people also. Liu married loyal to the country, not Cao, Yuan Shao, BU and other than. This is the last resort. Today, General Liu Han seed, Yi cut the same ancestor, so thousands of kindred. Why did he offer slander and jealousy? "Liu Biao smell words, is hoot Cai Mao Yue:" My idea has been set, you do not say much. "Cai Mao ashamed Hate and out, Liu Biao then Sun Hu first to report Hyun De, one side personally out of Guo 30 to greet."
    Xuan Tak See the table, the ceremony is very respectful. The table is also very thick. Xuan De, Zhang and other meet Liu Biao, table and Xuan de equate into Jingzhou, the allocation of residential residence. But said that the devil to explore the past Jingzhou to Liu Biao, then want to lead soldiers attack. Cheng Yufan Yue: "Yuan Shao not in addition, and the attack Jing Xiang, if Yuan Shao from the north, the outcome is not known." Also soldiers Xu, keep the army kept sharp, wait for spring warm next year, then lead soldiers first break Yuan Shao, after take Jing Xiang: North and south of the benefit, a swoop can receive also. "The words, then the soldiers back to reassures." To Jian ' an seven years, the spring month, xingbing consultation. First difference Xiahou Dun, full pet guarding Runan, to refuse Liu Biao, stay Cao Ren, xunyu keep xu: Pro-unification Army before to Guandu Tunza. Say then Yuan Shao since the old cold blood vomiting symptoms, this side slightly more, deliberation to attack reassures. The trial and the Guandu said: "Old old age, Cang Ting of defeat, the morale is not vibration, still when Shen, to raise the force of civil and military." "Zheng, suddenly reported Cao stationing Guandu, to attack Jizhou." Shaoxing said: "If under siege, will go to the trenches, and then refused the enemy, the matter is too late." I am the families of my own army. "Chang Yue:" Father causative agent not limbs, not expedition. The son is willing to raise soldiers to meet the enemy. Shaoxing supposed, then make people to qingzhou take Yuan Tan, Youzhou take Shi, and state take Gao Gan: Four road with broken Cao. It is: only to the Runan Ming drums, but also from the north of Hebei Dynamic Levy held.
  • Caocao Cang Ting broke the first Xuan de Jingzhou according to Liu Biao

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