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Most of the webmaster in the process of building the site will encounter difficulties and setbacks, for the webmaster, the site is the equivalent of K to do a nightmare, so hard to establish a site in an instant by K, it is really a big blow. No one wants this to happen on their own website, some novice webmaster encountered by K feel very disappointed, the old webmaster will be different, will carefully analyze the various reasons of the site, in fact, the site is K is not a big deal, may be the search engine in the test you do the patience of the site, do the site is very need of patience of the industry, adhere to , of course we have to prevent the site by K of various factors.

1, to find a stable space

Many friends are in order to covet the advantage, to buy very cheap space, some even use free space, these spaces are often not open, space and home like first to grandchildren, space is the same truth, if the site is often not open, your users will not come to the second time, the search engine is the same, When spiders come crawling to your site, often can not open it will not come, cause search engine every time to eat the cold shoulder, even if your site content is how rich, search engine will not be good for you, it is possible after a few months after the search engine update your station to repair some.

The purpose of the site is to traffic, if the site access speed is very slow will someone to visit? Want to do their own website must give the website grandchildren, do not sell some cheap space, those cheap space a server may be profiteers put thousands of sites, these sites will be part of the garbage station, if a part of the right to fall, Then this server's IP may also lead to be down right, even your station will be implicated, with these space to not be k are difficult. If you want to do well, you must buy good space.

2, select a good program and template

After the website is online, try not to overhaul or change the program, some novice webmaster see other people's template beautiful change and others like the template, after such repeated better template, the final is to cause the site by the search engine down the right reason, light is reduced included, snapshots stop, heavy is k off.

Since the search engine spider has included your site will remember the history of crawling, convenient next crawl site can quickly follow this way to find the content to be included, because the site was you 32 days and revised, so easy to cause the spider next to crawl lost direction, do not know where to crawl content, Finally led to the fall of the right spider for a long time not to patronize the reason.

3, Selected site keywords

Part of the novice webmaster in the establishment of a good home page after the title of a large number of keyword piling, this approach may be the search engine misunderstanding that is cheating, this is the reason for the site is k, keyword density is too high for the site does not benefit, I just started to do a few sites a keyword has a lot of piling up, or even simply write a title , the result is simply to write a title of which station included high, another station included really not a few, so said the site title or as simple as possible, do not deliberately to do the rankings to do a lot of piling.

Also some novice webmaster is often the site title to modify, because the title do a good job search engine is to get a good name of the key, often modify the site title, search engine that you are not ready, so only your home page. The best is the site online early in the local test and then on the line, most of the webmaster do not have this patience, often do some keyword found no rankings and change keywords to optimize, which is also caused by the search engine K one of the reasons. Remember that the title of the site should not be arbitrarily changed.

4, pay attention to the user experience

Part of the webmaster are in the website after the use of acquisition software to collect a lot of content, or a large number of reprinted other people's posts, and finally the site into a highly redundant content of the garbage station. This type of site may start the search engine will be included very fierce, but the site repeatedly content too much, spiders every time crawling is these content, spiders think your site is worthless, resulting in the site was down right is not surprising.

So do the site or pay attention to the user experience, especially just set up a good new station in front of the search engine good performance, more to do some original content, to have a unique creative, and so on the site over the assessment period has an unexpected effect, may be the search engine seconds to collect. Therefore, the high quality of the original content of search engine ranking is very important.

5, the exchange of friendship links

Part of the novice webmaster will go to find friends chain, and some sites are search engine K, and these sites do friends chain will be implicated, so do friendship links must understand each other's site, do not and which snapshots stay for a long time the site to do friendship links, do not think nothing serious. Because your station is very likely because of such a small matter and suffer from it, do not have a friendship link site snapshots More than three days, because the snapshot time stopped a few days of the site basically have been search engine to drop the right of the possibility.

Webmaster also to the site every day to check the friend chain, to see if the other site has been down the right or was K, the site is not normal to check the best day, for the links in the site is the right to drop the rights must even delete the connection, otherwise it may cause your website also received implicated, delete also contact the other webmaster, And he explained the reason so that others would not blame you. The reason that the website is K is a lot of, here I just explained a small part, hope can help everybody.

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