CentOS 6.7 Configuration Nginx 1.8 Load Balancer

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This tutorial uses vultr VPS build, ready for three VPs, one master two from

45.32. 90.100 slave1   45.32. 92.47 slave2   45.32. 89.205

1. Compile and install Nginx 1.8

Three full-load, and start Nginx


2. Modify master configuration file

Increase in HTTP segment:

    Upstream Backend {        45.32.  92.47;         45.32. 89.205 ;        }

In the location section of the server, add:

            Proxy_pass http://backend;

3, complete nginx.conf as follows:

#user nobody;worker_processes1; #error_log logs/Error.log, #error_log logs/error.log notice; #error_log logs/error.logInfo; #pid logs/nginx.pid;events {worker_connections1024x768;}    HTTP {include mime.types; Default_type Application/octet-stream; #log_format Main'$remote _addr-$remote _user [$time _local] "$request"'    #                  '$status $body _bytes_sent "$http _referer"'    #                  '"$http _user_agent" "$http _x_forwarded_for "'; #access_log logs/Access.log Main;    Sendfile on;    #tcp_nopush on; #keepalive_timeout0; Keepalive_timeout $; #gzipOn ; Upstream Backend {server45.32.92.47weight=2; Server45.32.89.205; } Server {Listen the;        server_name localhost; #charset Koi8-R; #access_log logs/Host.access.log Main; Location/{root HTML;            Index index.html index.htm; Proxy_pass http://backend;} #error_page404/404. html; # REDIRECT Server error pages to the static page/50x.html # Error_page - 502 503 504/50x.html; Location= /50x.html {root html; }    }}

4. Restart the Nginx on master

/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx-s Reload

5. Verification

To modify a Web page file in slave1

Echo " slave1 " >/usr/local/nginx/html/index.html

To modify a Web page file in Slave2

Echo " Slave2 " >/usr/local/nginx/html/index.html

Enter Master's IP in the browser and refresh the view to see alternate slave1 and Slave2

In addition, you can set weights

    Upstream Backend {        45.32.  92.47 weight=2;         45.32. 89.205 weight=1;        }

CentOS 6.7 Configuration Nginx 1.8 Load Balancer

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