CentOS 6.x System Boot process

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① server power up, load BIOS information, BIOS system detection, according to the BIOS settings, to find the first bootable device (usually hard disk)

② reads the MBR (Master boot Record) of the first device, loads the boot Loader (boot loader) in the MBR

③ the kernel is loaded according to boot loader settings, the kernel will perform a system check and load the hardware driver by loading the dynamic module.

④ kernel boot, the first process is/sbin/init

⑤ is called by/sbin/init/etc/init/rcs.conf file, and then called by this file/etc/rc.d/sysinit, this file is used for system initialization, configuration of the computer's initial environment

⑥ is called by/etc/init/rcs.conf/etc/inittab, which is used to confirm the default operating level of the system

⑦ Call/etc/init/rc.conf

⑧ called by/etc/init/rc.conf/ETC/RC.D/RC This file is primarily an incoming run-level parameter, run the appropriate runlevel directory

Scripts in the/etc/rc[0-6].d/directory, starting and closing in sequence according to the priority set

⑨ finally executes the program in/etc/rc.d/rc.local

⑩ If the character interface is started, you can see the login screen.

If the graphical interface is started, the corresponding X Windows interface will be called

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CentOS 6.x System Boot process

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