CentOS 7.0 defaults to use firewall as a firewall, here to iptables firewall, configure Apache

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First, configure the firewall, open 80 ports, 3306 ports

CentOS 7.0 uses firewall as a firewall by default, and this is iptables firewall instead.

1. Close firewall:

Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service #禁止firewall开机启动
Systemctl Disable Firewalld.service

2. Install iptables Firewall

Yum Install iptables-services #编辑防火墙配置文件

# Firewall configuration written by System-config-firewall

# Manual Customization of this file is not recommended.





-A input-m state--state established,related-j ACCEPT

-A input-p icmp-j ACCEPT

-A input-i lo-j ACCEPT

-A input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 22-j ACCEPT

-A input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 80-j ACCEPT

-A input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 3306-j ACCEPT

-A input-j REJECT--reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

-A forward-j REJECT--reject-with icmp-host-prohibited


: wq! #保存退出

Systemctl Restart Iptables.service #设置防火墙开机启动
Systemctl Enable Iptables.service

Second, close SELinux

#SELINUX =enforcing #注释掉

#SELINUXTYPE =targeted #注释掉

Selinux=disabled #增加

: wq! #保存退出

Setenforce 0
Three. Install Apache

Yum Install httpd
May be used:

Systemctl Start Httpd.service #启动apache

Systemctl Stop Httpd.service #停止apache

Systemctl Restart Httpd.service #重启apache

Systemctl Enable Httpd.service #设置apache开机启动
Restart, then:
input localhost
appears after the representative has been installed.

Four. Install MySQL

Method reference

method is roughly the same
in cent Os7 can be used in:

Rpm-ivh mysql-community-release-el6-5.noarch.rpm
For this step, most of the CENTOS7 configuration tutorials that are currently available are installed MARIADB, Because CENTOS7 defaults to MARIADB as MySQL.
P.s. Since MySQL was acquired by Oracle, the original author worried about MySQL closed source, so wrote a mariadb, this database can be understood as a MySQL branch.
I'm here or install MySQL

If you need to install MARIADB, just pass yum.

Five. Install PHP

Yum install php install PHP component so PHP supports MySQL
yum install php-mysql php-gd libjpeg* Php-ldap p Hp-odbc php-pear php-xml php-xmlrpc php-mbstring php-bcmath Restart the corresponding service
Php-mhash systemctl Restart Mysqld.service TL Restart Httpd.service

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