CentOS Next lamp One click Yum installation script

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This script applies to the environment:

    • System support: Centos/redhat/fedora
    • Memory Requirements: ≥64m
    • HDD Requirements: 2GB or more of the remaining space
    • The server must be configured with a software source and can be connected to the extranet.
    • Must have system root permissions
    • We recommend a clean system with a new installation
    • Date: June 25, 2014

About this script:

    • One-click Yum to install all packages for easy upgrade;
    • Support PHP with all components;
    • Support MySQL, MariaDB database;
    • Support XCache;
    • Support Zend Guard Loader;
    • Support Ioncube PHP Loader;
    • Support Self-service upgrade phpMyAdmin;
    • Command line new virtual host, easy to operate;
    • One-click Uninstall (please note back up data before uninstalling).

will be installed:

    • 1. Apache
    • 2. MySQL 5.5 Latest version or MariaDB 5.5 latest version (two option)
    • 3. PHP 5.4 Latest Version
    • 4. PhpMyAdmin Latest Version
    • 5, XCache
    • 6, Zendguardloader
    • 7, Ioncube PHP Loader

How to install:
The first step is to download, unzip, and assign Execute permissions:

wget--no-check-certificate Https://github.com/teddysun/lamp-yum/archive/master.zip-O Lamp-yum.zipunzip LAMP-YUM.ZIPCD Lamp-yum-master/chmod +x *.sh

Step two, install the lamp one-click installation package
Enter the following command in the terminal:

./lamp.sh 2>&1 | Tee Lamp.log

Tips for use:
Lamp Add (del,list): Create (delete, list) the virtual host.
Lamp Uninstall: Delete lamp with one click (Remember to back up the data before deleting it!) )

Program Directory:
MySQL or MariaDB database directory:/var/lib/mysql
Default Web site root directory:/data/www/default

List of commands:
MySQL or MariaDB command:

/etc/init.d/mysqld (start|stop|restart|reload|status) service mysqld (Start|stop|restart|reload|status)

Apache command:

For more information or to download the installation package please refer to the Project homepage: Https://github.com/teddysun/lamp-yum

A description of this script:
1, Apache is the default version of the system, MySQL, MariaDB and PHP is the latest version of Atomic repository.
2, if your VPS memory ≥256m, it is recommended to compile the installation LAMP, see: Here
3, Upgrade PhpMyAdmin command:./update_phpmyadmin.sh

Update log:

Update (June 25, 2014): Added MariaDB installation options and added a one-click Script update_phpmyadmin.sh to upgrade phpMyAdmin.
Update (June 10, 2014): Install the LAMP production environment with Yum one-click installation package, First edition.

CentOS Next lamp One click Yum installation script

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