CentOS System Yum Installation iftop real-time traffic monitoring tool

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Don't talk about other useless topics, just look at the steps:

1, to install a tool, you must first know that the tool needs to rely on the package.

Eg:iftop relies on these dependencies (it is unclear what the tool relies on "Google, Baidu").

  Flex BYACC libpcap ncurses ncurses-devel libpcap-devel

2, now that you know what the tool depends on the package, it is not necessary to know whether these dependent packages are installed on the target server.

Eg: command: rpm-q Samba//query program is installed


If there is an installation, you should be able to query to the specific dependency package, such as.

The specific RPM commands are referenced below:

1. Install the Package

RPM-IVH ***.rpm where I means installation, V for output, h for progress marking with #

2. Upgrading packages

RPM-UHV ***.rpm

3. Removing packages

RPM-E package_name

Rpm-e–nodeps Package_name does not consider dependency packages

Rpm-e–allmatches package_name Remove all packages that match all versions of Package_name

4. Querying packages

Rpm-q package_name

RPM-QP ***.rpm get information about RPM packages in the current directory

Rpm-qa | Less lists all installed packages

Rpm-qf/etc/sysctl.conf to see which package a file belongs to

Rpm-qi package_name lists the standard details of the installed package

RPM-QLP package_name List the file contents of RPM Package

Rpm-q–scripts Kernel | Less lists pre-and post-installation scripts with installed RPM packages

Rpm-qa–queryformat ' Package%{name} is build on%{buildhost}\n ' | Less Queryformat powerful queries

Rpm–querytags | Less can list all the variables that Queryformat can use to combine into a more powerful query

5. Check the installed packages

Rpm-va | grep bin

Check for failed characters:

S: File size does not match, M: mode does not match, 5:MD5 Checksum does not match, U: User ownership does not match, G: User group ownership does not match, T:mtime does not match

6. Rebuilding the RPM database


Rpm–rebuilddb Use this Dafa when the RPM database is corrupted and the package cannot be installed

7. Extracting files from rpm

Rpm2cpio ***.rpm | CPIO-IDV/path/file name

If the query results are not installed

Command: Single Installation

or multiple installations together

(I'm using yum to install it)

The carriage return is as follows:

You can enter "Y". (The remaining dependent packages are also the above installation steps and methods).

3, when all the dependent packages are installed, you can install Iftop as follows:

wget ftp://fr2.rpmfind.net/linux/dag/redhat/el5/en/i386/dag/RPMS/iftop-0.17-1.el5.rf.i386.rpm

You can get the Iftop rpm package from the above route, and of course you can get the RPM package by other means.

Enter the above command to start downloading ...

4, Iftop rpm package download good after rpm where? The downloaded RPM iftop package is stored under the current path.

5. Installation:RPM-IVH iftop-0.17-1.el5.rf.i386.rpm

Debian system operation: Apt-get install Iftop

6, start the command: Iftop enter as shown:

By this, your iftop has been installed.

Iftop is a real-time traffic monitoring tool, monitoring TCP/IP connectivity, the disadvantage is no reporting function. Must be root to run.


First line: Bandwidth display

Middle section: List of external connections, that is, what IP is logged and the network connection to this computer
Middle part right: The real-time parameters are the average traffic that the access IP connects to the server for 2 seconds, 10 seconds, and 40 seconds, respectively.
= = Sends data, <= represents the received data
Bottom three lines: Send, receive and all traffic

"TX": Traffic sent from the NIC

"RX": Network card receives traffic

"Total": Network card sent to receive the overall traffic

"Cum": Iftop start running to the current point in time total traffic

Peak: Network card traffic spikes

"Rates": Indicates the average current of 2s, 10s, 40s, respectively

You can exit iftop with the "Q" Key of the keyboard

CentOS System Yum Installation iftop real-time traffic monitoring tool

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