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Before long, Sogou high speed browser Chrome12 kernel version of the test, a variety of excellent data display, so that we still remember, not only in the speed of Ascension again, in the function also brings many surprises to the user. Today, the Sogou high-speed browser's kernel is upgraded again, the version directly to Chrome14, become a domestic browser in the kernel version of the most browser products. Today's Sogou high-speed browser will be what kind of speed? Let's experience the strong glamour of the new high-speed kernel Chrome14.

Test platform: ThinkPad X201

Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5

Physical Memory: 4GB

System type: Windows7 flagship (32-bit)

Software Download Address: Http://

Sogou browser (Chrome14 kernel edition)

HTML5 Performance Test

HTML5 is a new network standard that aims to replace the existing HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and DOM Level 2 HTML standards. It wants to reduce the browser's rich network application services (plug-in-based Rich Internet Application,ria) that require plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun JavaFX's demand. Look Sogou Browser 2 versions of the performance:

Sogou High Speed Browser new kernel (CHROME14) version:

In Sogou high speed mode HTML5 standard test run is divided into 340;

Chrome14 Kernel HTML5 Score

Sogou High Speed Browser 3.0 original:

Sogou High Speed Browser 3.0 original in the HTML5 test to be divided into 288 points.

Sogou Browser 3.0 Original Score

Sogou High Speed Browser Chrome14 kernel version in this test, the overall performance compared to the recent release of the 3.0 version in the performance of the upgrade is more obvious, the new kernel for Sogou browser to promote not only the performance and test scores, more is to pull the technology level of the product.

Load single page Speed test

Browser performance testing has always been popular, and special testing tools are available for different performance of browsers. The authoritative tool for loading a single page speed test is Nontroppo general. Its working principle is: by loading preset web pages, to detect the loading speed of the Web page.

Page content contains pictures, text, tables, etc., NONTROPPO General can test the opening time of the page, and can also calculate the network transmission rate. Test scores only take the page open time as a test standard. This test result does not have the capping value, the unit millisecond, the value is smaller the better.

New and old kernel Sogou high speed browser webkit and IE kernel speed contrast

Sogou High Speed Browser (Chrome14 kernel) single page speed test, webkit result is 68 milliseconds, and IE kernel open page speed is 297 milliseconds. Sogou 3.0 original version of the loading speed of the WebKit kernel 353 milliseconds, WebKit kernel 688 milliseconds. It can be seen from the data that the Chrome 14 kernel version of the previous version in the performance of a significant increase, especially the WebKit kernel performance improvement of about 5 times times, improve the amplitude is obvious.

ACID3 Benchmark Test

ACID3 is designed by the Web page Standard Planning Group (Web Standards Project, WaSP) and is the standard compatibility test page for browsers and design software, ACID3 is the most stringent of the current WEB standard benchmark tests, There are strict constraints on DOM and JavaScript.

Its test focus is on ECMAScript, DOM level 3, Media queries, and Data:url. Browser to open this test page, the page will continue to load the function, directly given the score, a full score of 100 points.

Sogou browser Chrome14 kernel ACID3 test full mark through

In this test, Sogou browser in high-speed mode under full marks.

Google V8 Benchmark Test

Google V8 Benchmark test is a JavaScript test set released by Google. The V8 Benchmark suite loads JavaScript code to speed test the system's kernel, encryption, decryption, rendering, and so on.

Google V8 Benchmark Test

CHROME14 kernel Sogou High speed browser in Google V8 benchmark test score: 10881, and the original kernel test is: 6196, it is not difficult to see the new version of the core performance of nearly one times the upgrade. For the constant pursuit of high-speed Sogou browser, the upgrade of the new kernel is a very effective work, this may be a short span of one months to upgrade the two times the core reasons.


In one months two times to upgrade the kernel, the realization of dozens of features of the new core of the smooth transplant, have shown Sogou browser on the "high speed" concept of continuous attention to the attitude, resolute investment and strong research and development strength. In this test, the new kernel allows Sogou browser performance has been greatly improved, some of the performance parameters have several times the upgrade, which means that users can be used in the process can directly feel the browser changes.

All along, Sogou browser with a very fast Internet experience has won the recognition of users, known as high-speed browser, which is the use of the WebKit kernel has a direct relationship between the current domestic mainstream dual-core browsers using Chrome 7 or Chorme 8 of the core for research and development, Individual fast dual-core browsers have just upgraded the kernel version to Chrome 13.

Chrome Kernel Upgrade speed is amazing, only the Sogou so Agile upgrade action can guarantee its synchronization. The Sogou high-speed browser Chrome14 new core release, so that Sogou high-speed browser in the speed of further promotion, become the chrome kernel version of the highest domestic browser.

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