Change the quota settings of a user's personal website

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The same as the previous article, it is also in the csdn chat recordHttp:// Topicid = 134.
I used to have the same problem with the customer. By default, the MB space will soon be used up by users who have a large number of personal documents. At this time, the technical support staff will receive a lot of calls and request to increase the space allocated to the user. At that time, I used my own method to solve this problem. The customer can use it normally, so if you have the same problem, try again. The procedure is as follows:
1. On the Sharepoint Server, go to "SharePoint Management Center" in the management tool ".
2. Click "manage quota and lock" in the component configuration section"
3. Click "manage website set quota and lock" under "manage quota"
Go to "manage website set quota and lock" and enter the following address in the text box in the top-level website column:
Http: // SERVER_NAME/personal/xxx
"XXX" indicates the name of the person to be managed. Different account names may be written differently. If you do not know how to write, you can go to the personal website of the person and place the cursor over the "document and list" or "website Settings" link on the navigation bar, let's take a look at the address in the status bar. The level-1 content after personal is enough.
4. Click "View data". The website quota Information Section is displayed below. Click "change the maximum storage space of the Website", and enter a larger value in the text box.
5. Click OK.
Now we have expanded the space for that user. The user can see the changes in the space on the personal site. The procedure is as follows:
1. Go to the personal site and click "website Settings ",
2. Click "go to website management" in the "manage" section ".
3. In the website set management section, click "view bucket allocation information ".
4. Go to the "storage space allocation" page.
The usage of the personal space is displayed in a graphical way. The following list also lists the space occupied by each database.

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