Chapter 2 and Xi Yi He Shuyong (five in all)

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In the next two days, there will be no war on both sides of Anping's zhutuo River. However, the Yunyi army and longwei army on the South Bank are all in a tense and busy atmosphere. Even in the division, I knew the combat power of the Yunyi army, so I did not dare to take it lightly. For the two Song armies, the biggest problem is ships. Although they were prepared in advance, it was impossible for them to take the ship from Jizhou to Anping, but shenzhouzhou was already broken, liao Jun even cut down the trees nearby. The two armies have to go to the boolu area to seek a boat, and there are some fishing villages on the banks of the TUO river. If they can find a ready-made boat, shunliu, And the Liao army on the other side, there is no way to block it.

During these two days, Liu Yanqing had nothing to do, and he also went around Shen Zhou along with Tian zongyu and Ren duo Guanming. Ren duo Guanming has a private soldier named Liu Weizhi, who was sent to him by his father Shouyi gongren duobaozhong, namely shenzhourenshi. At this time, he made a wizard for three people. But at this time, there was really nothing to visit in, and there was a terrible situation after the catastrophe. However, to Liu Yanqing's surprise, he thought that the deep state would become invisible. However, before the war was over, some people had already returned to their homes.

Most of these people had relatives in the Jizhou and yongjingjun regions. After they escaped to the region, they no longer escaped from the south. They couldn't wait to return to the songjun to recover the Shenzhou, grow wheat on your own ground. This kind of toughness is quite exciting. There are also some workers hired by wealthy households in neighboring provinces such as Jizhou. These workers have begun to seize a foothold.

But in any case, this land is recreating its life at an astonishing speed.

The lives of these people who return to their homes are difficult. Song Ting may end up exempting local taxes for several years, but it is almost impossible to give more help. In this regard, the new, old, and stone parties are equally stingy. However, for these people, as long as the Government departments do not mess up, they will still be able to live tensorily, even after a few years.

Therefore, Liu Yanqing thinks Tang Kang is indeed a good official. After hearing the story, Mr. Tian asked Mr. Tian and Mr. Ren to send food to the people they saw. At this time, Wang Hou's central military camp is located in wuqiang County, but he certainly won't be nosy. It is rumored that Shi has gone to Dongguang, and there is probably no time to handle these things. However, Tang Kang had nothing to do with this, but he still managed this nosy. Therefore, even on this day, Tian zongyu said nothing about Tang Kang along the road, and Liu Yanqing also took it for granted. Even though he was afraid of Tang Kang.

However, it is not easy to deliver Rice to ten families. For Liu Yanqing, although he knows that it is a good thing, it is not a word of praise for others to do it. If it is his turn, it is nothing more than one thing. However, since he was pulled up by Tian zongyan, he could not refuse it. What makes his heart more bitter is that he wanted his subordinates to help carry food but was rejected by Tian zongyan, the three of them were led by Liu Weizhi, who borrowed some donkeys from the Yunyi army and carried two thousand of rice to deliver food everywhere. Unfortunately, these ten families are definitely living in different parts of the world.

One is Hou Fu shizi and the other is the father of the Government. This kind of thing is also very interesting. Liu Yanqing had a dark call. Tian zongyu's mind was that it was military grain. Tang Kang didn't say how much it was. Naturally, the more it was, the better. However, with these donkeys and rice, their speed is almost the same. Throughout the morning, Liu Yanqing had a hungry stomach and put his back on his back. He went to see Ren duoguanming, and he was also a bit banned, but bit his teeth and didn't talk. Only Tian zongyu is as strong as a cow, and he is singing songs happily immediately.

Finally, Liu Yanqing looked far away at a small temple. As a savior, He hurriedly said, "Two brothers have been walking for half a day and have a short rest in the small temple there, how to eat dry food?"

Ren duo Guanming opened his mouth and did not speak, but Liu tried it very well and said, "As a result, General Liu spoke well. According to Xiao, I can't even get it done in the evening. If you don't want to eat something, it's hard to be patient. If you don't want to eat something, you'll have to go to the home and let them entertain. Sorry ."

Tian zongyu listened to him and agreed with a smile and said, "You have to think well ."

Now, when the four men entered the temple, they found that they were an abandoned Guan Gong Temple. Emperor Song zhenzong once went down to worship Guan Gong in the world. At the time of ShaoSheng, Guan Gong temple in the world was also very common. When the four were down, Liu Yanqing was trying to eat dry food to satisfy his hunger. Who knows that Liu's magic turned out to have two leg of lamb and several altar fruit wines, which surprised everyone. Now Liu was born with fire in front of the temple, serving the three people to drink while eating roast leg of lamb.





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Liu Yanqing smiled with envy at Ren duo, saying, "The blessing of all the brothers of Ren duo, such sensible soldiers do not know where the brothers came from ......"

After drinking a sip of wine, Ren duo Guanming smiled and said, "If it is not the gift of my father, I will give it to my brother ."

While Tian zongyu said with a smile: "Is Sun Qi a good brother ?"

"Sun Qi ?" Liu Yanqing paused.

"Don't you know ?" "Good skills. He saved me several times when I crossed the river that day ."

Liu Yanqing was even more surprised. "I never heard of him ."

"That's even harder ." Tian zongyu smiled and said, "What's better is good, just good strength. Last night, I heard from the Yunyi army that sun Qianyi opened the bow 24 times when they opened the bow! I can only launch 20 times. Liu FA can launch 23 times, that is, Yao zhaowu. I heard that he can launch 25 times when I was young !"

"Is it really so powerful ?" Liu Yanqing still cannot believe it. He opened a hard bow by himself and was able to open it for at most 15 times. It was worth boasting in the army.

"I don't know, isn't he a mentor ?" It was their turn to be surprised.

Liu Yanqing shook his head with a smile and said, "He is the tooth soldier of general manager Murong. Otherwise, I will also give it to two brothers ."

"Seriously ?" Tian zongyu laughed. "If you have a brother, I am relieved. When I went back, I asked Tang to say, "Stay with him ."

Ren duo Guanming smiled and said, "This is a big loss for Mr. Murong to let his brother come. Yao zhaowu wants to leave Liu FA, while Tang Kang wants to leave Sun Qi again ......"

"What do you say ?" Liu Yanqing really cannot close his mouth.

"My brother didn't know either ." Ren duo Guanming smiled and said: "When we crossed the river on that day, Yao zhaowu wanted Liu FA to take over the three hundred people. He didn't have a chance to take it out. However, we have heard that Yao zhaowu has made up his mind to leave Liu FA, and he should also make a deputy in Ma Jun, directly under Yao zhaowu ."

In the dasong army system, each army has a direct cavalry command, like a cloud wing army, which is directly under the MA Army Command, often the most sophisticated troops in the Army. Liu fa is not a co-engineer with Rong, you are not eligible to take this role. However, if Yao Lin is willing to take care of it, there are naturally some alternatives. Although Liu Yanqing does not like Liu FA, he does not have any complaints. Liu Fa had this opportunity and has nothing to do with him. But at this time, he was always uncomfortable with hearing these things. He said with high regard that he was also taking people to seek assistance. Yao Lin had been thinking about digging into his corner before the aid troops arrived. However, Liu Yanqing knew that this was not the reason for his discomfort.

However, he also didn't want Tian zongyu and Ren duo Guanming to think that he was a small tool and still barely smiled: "This is also the chance of Liu fa. As long as the army can kill the TUO River and solve the encirclement of the General Manager of Murong, these people are all sent to Yao zhaowu, and it doesn't matter ."

"This is a loss, but brother Tang is here ." Tian zongtao.

"How to say this ?"

Ren duo Guanming took over his speech and lowered his voice and said, "My brother does not know anything. It is until now that the performance of the publicity platform is against the fast war. Discount compliance has always believed that the Liao people only quit, tempted me to pursue. Our army will not move, and the Liao army will not. The longer it takes, the greater the loss of the national strength of the Liao country. If you follow suit, the battle will not only result in the loss of troops from the Liao army, but also empty his financial database ."

"Why ?" These things, for Liu Yanqing, can be very curious to him. "Didn't I hear that Shi Xiaoxiang is very trustful and compliant ?"

Ren duo Guanming stretched out a finger and pointed to the sky. he whispered, "the court is not allowed ."

After eating a mouthful of meat, he said, "This is the manager of the king. I heard that I do not want to fight fast. Therefore, every order is a string of two characters: 'weight. Do not seek merit, please do not pass first. However, both of them are engaged in a fast war. Li Xiang, He xiafei, and others are afraid that the Liao people will run away. It is not easy to hit Youzhou, but there are stone bombs in Youzhou city. Therefore, all of them want to defeat the enemy in Hebei. However, in my opinion, if we win the battle in Hebei, we will still be playing Youzhou. The court will surely think that it is not easy for the West army to come to Hebei ......"

Liu Yanqing listened attentively. At this time, he laughed.

Ren duo Guanming smiled again and said, "but my brother can rest assured that when Tang Kang was in the battle with Han Bao, it was settled. What Tang Kang wanted to do was Li weigong and Hou Junji. In the Chao dynasty, he is already a minister. Kang Shi's life at your own risk, refuse to enter, disdain should be subject to science. Originally, there were also many famous ministers who entered the Shi dynasty in the form of Yin Guan, and Tang Kang was no worse than those who entered the Shi. But he is still thinking about establishing military power. Others want to block the military power, but he wants to prove himself with military power. I don't know his mind, but it is also intended to fulfill his mind. Now is his best opportunity. Will he lose his hand ?"

Tian zongyu smiled and said, "In my opinion, Brother Tang deserves this military skill ." Asked: "I know Li weigong. Who is Hou Junji ?"

Liu Yanqing shook his head and looked at Ren duo Guanming. Ren duo Guanming did not think it was strange because Li weigong Li Jing had a very high position in the Song Dynasty. His military strategy was the book that the martial arts had to read at that time, although Hou JUNJI was in the same name as Li Jing during Tang Dynasty, Wu did not have to read Tang Shi. I do not know whether it is also normal, because I smiled and said: "Hou JUNJI is also a famous Tang Taizong time and has also been a prime minister."

Tian zongyu asked with surprise: "Have you done this too? Did li weigong worship the other party? Is it a cardinal ?"

Ren duo Guanming smiled and said, "No, at that time there was no such decision-making officer, and Tang Taizong's martial arts could also be prime minister ."

Liu Yanqing and Tian zongyu have never heard of this, and they are excited. However, the envy is the envy. Tian zongyu thought for a moment and said, "No wonder Tang has the trouble of being a fan town. He also said that the five generations of people are miserable. My father often said that the martial arts people will even be close to the people, and it is best not to do it, or concentrate on bringing troops. Indeed, it was far better than Tang. [1]"

Liu Yanqing and Ren duo Guanming also point to their names.

Although Ren duo Guanming was a Party member on the 15th day of the year, after he entered Song dynasty, he was afraid that the Song dynasty would not look down on him. His children in his family, apart from Xi Wu, should also ask the famous teacher to learn the text, for example, Ren duo Guanming, from his urine to and from BAI shuitan, did not belong to the world's great Confucianism. In addition, he was very talented, so he did not expect him to be a scholar, however, his knowledge is far different from that of Liu Yanqing and Tian Zong.

The three men tried to get up after chatting and drinking. Ren duo Guan Ming suddenly glanced at Guan Gong in the temple, and suddenly gave a whimsy and smiled: "It is rare that the three of me will gather here. Here it is Guan Gong temple. Why don't we just join in here and become a brother with a different surname ?"

Since the five generations, the military has been very popular. Liu Yanqing could not help himself. Tian zongyu was also very happy to hear it. The three men entered the temple and worshipped Guan Gong. The ranking was illustrated. Fang got up and left, continuing to send their food. This is another afternoon. At the beginning of the afternoon, three talents will return to the camp.



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After returning to the camp, Liu Yanqing vaguely felt that the atmosphere in the camp had changed and seemed to be more tense. However, he did not agree. He resigned Tian zongyu and Ren duo Guanming and rested from his account. Before he arrived, he saw Sun Qizheng wait out of his account. He glanced at Sun Qi again. How could he not believe that he was a strong man who was able to open his bow for twenty-four times. But he saw Sun seven coming over quickly, and said, "The result can be returned. Tang's adviser sent a person to send the result back to the camp, and he quickly went to the tent to meet him ."

Liu Yanqing said, "Do you know what it is ?"

"This is not what the villain knows ." Sun qijin said, "however, the Yanyi army is too busy. Many people are wiping their weapons, even if they want to cross the river again ."

"How fast ?!" On this day, Liu Yanqing heard some surprising news. At this time, he did not dare to delay. He wiped the sweat and rushed to Tang Kang account to listen to the order.

Before arriving at Tang Kang's account, I waited for a long time. Tang Kang sent him to the account. After entering, Liu Yanqing realized that Tian zongyu and Ren duo Guanming were both there. Tang kangzheng looked at a map with his head buried and said: "General Liu is not here today. One of them has decided with General Yao and another of them, and he will be crossing the river in the morning to fight with Han Bao."

Tang Kang's routine statement said that he had done his best to Liu Yanqing. Of course, Liu Yanqing knows that his face is not given to Liu Yanqing, but to Murong Qian. He could only say, "I can't think of General Yao and General Shi as quickly as possible. The left army operated and operated on and off the camp ......"

Before Liu Yanqing's speech was over, Tang Kang interrupted him. "It's not proper. It's just a matter of arrows. You have to quit ."

"Ah ?" Liu Yanqing did not understand it for a moment.

"In the afternoon, I received an emergency report. Yang xinhou And ye luxin fought against the river, and our army was not good. Zhang's tielin army was in the trap of Yalu's enemy. If the troops were not supported by the young army, then there would be no tielin army. The war report said that under the Yalu letter, there are five thousand black army a, heavy a long spear, their spears are much longer than the iron Lin army's long gun, good at cracking down. The Liao Army first played a false bid, tempted the tie Lin army to pursue the attack, and then hit the black army with a surprising surprise, the tie Lin army was in chaos. If the first army of the Xuanwu army arrived in time, the consequences would be unimaginable. Straight Niang thieves are everywhere in the black army. How many people in the Liao Dynasty are there in the black army? They are also different !"

Tang Kang hated and said, "It seems that there are still attackers in the Liao Dynasty. The infantry army is still fighting with it. With the powerful crossbows and bows, the firearms are in conflict with each other. After General Liu goes back, he must also watch out for them ."

Liu Yanqing said yes, but he smiled bitterly. The Hengshan fan army is not a no-ban army. Where are the crossbows and firearms?

"Yang xinhou has already returned to the river house. In this defeat, Yang xinhou wants to regain the secret hall and hold down the official road. It is already spent in water, moon, and mirrors. He Wei received his happy life, but he couldn't move. I think the river may be swinging. I want to defeat Liao Jun, regain the gentleman's Hall, control the official path, and have insufficient strength. I want to defeat Rao Yang and set it to Liao Zhu And ye luxin, And I am unwilling. ." If Tang Kang had no scruples about the relationship between Tian Liewu and ye luoxin, he had already begun to swear, "when talking with Yao and ye luoxin, he thought that he wanted to stay with Liao Zhu And ye luxin as a river soldier, difficult. It is better to pray for ourselves than to pray for ourselves. If we have to cross the river and hold down Han Bao, the Liao lord and ye luxin cannot abandon them ."

Speaking of this, Tang Kang suddenly looked up and stared at Liu Yanqing with a pair of sharp scorpions. He said, "Tomorrow's World War I will have no progress! General Yao wants to lead the pioneer crossing the river. Tang wants to guard the Chinese army and cannot be a pioneer. However, to boost morale, General Liu and all the school leaders under my command should enter the pioneer camp to show the soldiers a good example!"

Liu Yanqing had a cold heart and said, "obey orders !"

Tang Kang said with an awe-inspiring saying: "Tomorrow, a fortune sword will be placed in Henan, and those who dare to escape will not be defeated. We were either at Anping, drinking high songs or meeting each other. If all of them die in the north of the TUO River, Kang should report it in the south of the Yellow River, and it will never be negative !"

Liu Yanqing did not dare to look at Tang Kang's crazy and cold eyes, or even say nothing in his throat.



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Shao Sheng 7 years in September 25.

During the year, Liu Yanqing has experienced many fierce battles. After he joined the army, he thought that he would never be afraid of such a fierce battle in his life. He remembers how many times he had forgotten his fear.

But he soon knew he was wrong.

What started to happen was almost the same as what happened on the 22nd. However, Liu Yanqing was arranged by Yao Lin in the pioneer camp, rather than the viewpoint on the opposite side of the river. The Liao army will not be caught off guard by the Song army's Firehorse. However, the Yunyi army also has its own solution. The craftsman in the army has transformed several hundred thunderous bombs, after dozens of Song's forward troops crossed the river, they rushed without waiting for the arrival of the Liao army. After throwing such a bang and one-to-one ignition everywhere, the modified bombs won't blow up, instead, the smoke of a variety of strange things was released. This was the technology that song had mastered before the attack, and then they picked it up again.

Soon, the vast land of data is filled with smoke. Anyone who just takes a sip of the smoke will be throttled by tears. The beauty of old days is that there is no wind in the sky.

The arrival of the Liao army was overwhelmed by the smoke.

They sent troops across the thick smoke to conduct reconnaissance. When the Liao military, which was too blind to open his eyes, was shot by Song military force, and only a few horses ran back.

Then, the Liao army began to play archery without any purpose, but this would not do anything. Liu Yanqing even heard the sound similar to the mantra in the Liao army. Most of them were the wizards of the army. Liu Yanqing did not know what the Liao people called, however, he knows that there are such people in the Liao military, both in divination and in military medicine and veterinary medicine. Probably the people in Liao thought this was the demon method applied by the Song dynasty.

Perhaps it was the action of the liaoren wizards. Of course, it was more likely that the strong wind suddenly started to work, and the smoke quickly dispersed-a very short time, the formation of the Song army pioneer was not fully listed.

But Song Jun should also be satisfied. If the storm comes early, their situation will be more difficult.

Then there is a bloody battle.

Fortunately, this is not the zhangyi Palace, probably because the river selected by longweijun in the east is closer to Anping. However, unfortunately, this time, Liaoning army provided more troops.

Yao Lin's tactics are very simple. It is trying to drag the Liao army into the melee. It is difficult for Song Jun, who is forced to back the river array, to make the advantage of the Liao army advance and retreat, and send dense arrows to the Song army again and again. Since ancient times, cavalry have been flat and dangerous. If the troops are in such a battle, the advantages of the Liao army can be fully utilized, while the Yunyi army is not as powerful as a infantry army.

Therefore, Yao Lin is willing to take the risk of reducing the depth of the lineup. He has already limited his own troops and divided the pioneer camp into three armies in the left, middle, and right directions. There are two command lines on the left and right. The Central Army includes one command in the first camp, one command directly under the Army, and one command from the daring soldiers. He personally directs the Central Army, while Wei Jin directs the left army, and the third party commands the right army. Then, at the same time, they attacked the central and wings of the Liao army, forcing the Liao army not to use their favorite Middle Army to pretend defeat and copy tactics on both sides.

Liao Jun soon learned the intention of Song Jun. It may be that the self-defense team has two enemy troops against the Song army. Although they could have been able to guard against archery at the back end, they patiently let the Song army fall into the riding and shooting battles they are good, as a result, Liao Jun accepted the challenge without hesitation.

What surprised the people in the Liao Dynasty was that Song army had some advantages that were not previously imagined in this battle.

This Liao army is a coalition consisting of the palace army and the loyal clan army. They have a wide variety of weapons, and about 2/3 of them use a horse knife, in addition to military commanders, the Yanyi army is a uniform long gun.

The Qidan people have not been challenged by well-equipped and well-trained elite cavalry troops for a long time.

So they forgot that, in the melee fight, the direct-stabbed long gun has a great advantage over the horse knife. The cavalry of the Liao army are always clever enough to seek out the perfect arc from the long knife and cut the enemy on the right. Most of the time, this is true, this is especially true for the enemies who used to have poor equipment. It often means the death of an enemy. However, when their long knives are cut down on the excellent armor of the yundun army, the Song army is often only hurt. Even if they are cut down, they are still alive and kicking. Although it will definitely hurt.

On the opposite side, when the high-speed yundun army around stabbed the long gun to the Liao army, there would be an extra corpse on the battlefield.

This is something song did not even think. This is also a considerable amount of luck. Although the military system of the Liao army makes it difficult for soldiers to unify weapons that are good at using them, almost 2/3 people use the horse knife, but it cannot be said that it has nothing to do with luck.

The soldiers of the Yunyi army were hacked by the Liao army, but on the battlefield, more were the bodies of the Liao army!

Although many cloud wing army soldiers lack experience, they always stabbed too hard. As a result, after a long gun plunged into the enemy's body, they could not get out with one hand, or they had to discard their weapons, either the vulnerability is exposed, and the result is the same as that of the Liao army.

Liu Yanqing saw several such Song troops with his own eyes. They tried their best to kill them. When the long guns in their hands passed through the bodies of Liao people, they couldn't pull them out. But on the battlefield, they will not be given time. If they hesitate, they will face a heavy knife on their back.




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Despite taking advantage of unexpected advantages, the strength of the Liao army is enough to make up for it.

Once on the battlefield, Liu Yanqing's desire to survive will give him overwhelming calm. He saw and killed the left, and yelled at Liu FA, who was under siege by a few Liao troops and suffered at least five or six injuries. Yao Lin, although dressed like an ordinary soldier, his age is the most striking place. Liu Yanqing is far away from him. The old man has at least three knives and one shot, but for fear that the Liao army did not know him. Every time it was killed, he had to yell at him to see him in a loyal temple. He could hear it clearly within a few minutes. If it wasn't for a bunch of soldiers, they wouldn't know how many times they died.

Yunyi army people are crazy.

On the battlefield, there is a roar of "loyal temple View" everywhere. They yell at each kill and every high-speed sprint!

This is really unlucky. Some people, after being cut down from the horse, even ignited a bang and threw it away. Liu Yanqing hated it. In such a fight, throwing such a thing around would blow it to his own people.

He does not want to see them at all, even when they go to the sacrifice. He does not like the dead.

He always pays attention to being with Sun Qi, Tian zongyu, and Ren duo Guanming to help each other. He does not like knives. In fact, Long Knives can also be stabbed, but he only needs to practice, those liaobing like to kill. On the one hand, it is a habit. On the other hand, it is also because, in comparison, kill will not reveal more flaws to the enemy. As long as you patiently negotiate with the enemy and wait until the enemy reaches your right side before making a move, it will not reveal flaws. The assassination is different. For the sake of strength, you must bend down and bend down. If there is no glare, it is very likely that someone will be on the back of your head.

Therefore, Liu Yanqing is always patient. In addition, the equipment of the Liao army varies from person to person. Their armor is self-prepared. Some people are very good, some are very bad, and they will die if they cut down with a knife.

In this case, why don't we get killed?

No matter how hard Tang Kang is at the TUO River, no matter how many sides around him collide with a knife and a gun everywhere, the blood and blood splash, the war horse screaming, shouting and killing the earthquake, Liu Yanqing will always silently read in his mind, so that he can calm down and calm down.

That kind of "loyal temple View", especially from Yao Lin's old man in his fifties, will indeed make people unable to suppress the surging blood, desperate. Liu Yanqing had almost no control over the past few times. He wanted to rush to Yao Lin and fight with him.

By his side, Tian zongyu and Ren duoguan have already killed the red eye. Fortunately, there is Sun Qi, who uses a sword! This is rare. However, it is not surprising that he is a standard engineer. However, Liu Yanqing saw his martial arts with his own eyes. He was like a well-trained cavalry. Although his weapons were much shorter than others, this was a great disadvantage on the battlefield, but he was always ready to seize the opportunity of an instant. A sword stabbed the enemy's chest, not deep or shallow, and was fatal enough to quickly pull out the sword.

It's rare that this guy is also very calm. It is like a leopard in a group of wolves. He always remembers not to leave Tian zongyu and blocks the attacks behind him. If Tian zongyu and Ren duo Guanming are scattered, he will immediately try to gather them together.

This made Liu Yanqing much easier. Liu Yanqing does not want these two people to do anything from their feelings or interests after their righteousness.

As for Liu Yanqing himself, he felt more like a fox involved in a wolf group, but he tried his best to protect his life. This simple goal has exhausted him.

On the battlefield, time passes without knowing it.

I don't know how long it took, and Liu Yanqing felt relaxed.

At this moment, he was able to observe the entire battlefield, only to find that he did not know when to start-liao Jun began to retreat!

Tian zongyu and Ren duo Guanming were even more excited. They began to kill Liao people. However, Liu Yanqing only felt relaxed for a while.

He survived again.

He looked around and watched the battlefield where they began to win, but unexpectedly found Liu fa-he fell onto a Liao Bing, with a long gun in his chest.

At this moment, Liu Yanqing was struck by lightning.

He jumped off the horse and quickly ran to Liu fa. Looking at this person, this proud, talented but fate of the robe. He did not like him at all, standing in front of his body, he also said.

However, Liu Yanqing still felt his eyes were blurred.


Shao Sheng's historical chronicle at the end of his book: An Ping battle

...... Yao and seasui split up the army and crossed the river. Lin witnessed a two thousand-foot ride as a pioneer. He first crossed the road and fought ye lvyi and Xin in Hebei with Liao. Wang Shi targeted the crowd with a few clicks, and he was beaten by the number of creden。. All of them were impressed and there was no one who left behind. For a long time, Liao Jun was less, but Wang shidu. Han baofang leads the army attacking Division, and Zhi Lin has crossed the river. The great surprise is that the troops have retreated to Anping. Xiao Yizhi Wang Shi has already crossed the road and is also taken away. Mu rongqian was surrounded by several days, after the army to Shen Ze, repeatedly for the Liao people defeated, Qian grain has been absolutely, ya will do, there are a few shame to defeat again. Wang Shiju joined Han Bao in the solution, but the camp was not in the middle. All new victories are about to fight. Liao Zhu will all follow Han Bao to quickly take Raoyang, and Han Bao to the water frozen in Hebei in October, the army grain full, although the defeat, not enough to worry about, but also to fight for death.

Tang Kang dispatched a challenge. Liao Jun joined the army, and the morale was still high. Kang was worried, discussing with Mu rongqian the solution of the deep wall war, but the worries would not go from. The discount may also take the Wang Shi several days of hard work, stop winning, then Yu Yue, said to the SI Ma defeat Zhuge strategy, the more enlightened. Nai Yu Tang Kang ......

[1] According to the general views of the Song Dynasty.

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