Chapter II Management of program flow (in. net4.5) Management multithreading

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1. Overview

This chapter includes synchronizing resources and canceling long-time task-related content.

2. Main content

  2.1 Synchronizing Resources

①lock keyword implementation. will block the program, potentially causing a deadlock.

The ②volatile keyword disables compilation optimizations to avoid the effects of multithreading when optimizing code.

Private Static volatile int 0;

The ③interlocked keyword can be atomized with some simple numeric operations and a comparison substitution operation.

Interlocked.Increment (ref//interlocked.decrement (ref/ / (ref1); interlocked. CompareExchange (ref value, NewValue, compareTo);

 2.2 Canceling a task


CancellationTokenSource CancellationTokenSource =     NewCancellationTokenSource (); CancellationToken token=Cancellationtokensource.token; Task Task= (() = {     while(!token. iscancellationrequested) {Console.Write ("*"); Thread.Sleep ( +); }}, token); Console.WriteLine ("Please enter to stop the task"); Console.ReadLine (); Cancellationtokensource.cancel ();

② use Task.waitany () to set the time-out period for a task.

Task longrunning = (() ={    thread.sleep (10000);}); int index = task.waitany (new); if (Index = =-1)    Console.WriteLine ("");

3. Summary

When you ① a multithreaded environment to access shared data, consider avoiding data corruption and dirty reads.

② uses the LOCK keyword to enable multi-threaded sequential access to shared resources.

③ can use interlocked to achieve simple atomic manipulation.

④ can use the CancellationToken of the CancellationTokenSource class to control the cancellation task.

Chapter II Management of program flow (in. net4.5) Management multithreading

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