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Preface: this week in the department made a PPT to share a topic, "The news charting the road of product." Also put up a hair up, one impostors, second also calculate leave some thinking, for a few days later, can point to this article said: "Look, you thought more sb! ”

First you have to say some accuse words. Now the Internet media today, look, four major portals, numerous vertical sites, scenes local network media, newspaper and magazine website, plus micro-blog on tens of millions of from the media, we are in a massive information era.

We can watch the news anytime and anywhere, the car on the road on the seat on the toilet, we can use all the equipment to watch the news, mobile phone/tablet/computer and so on, as if everywhere is news, everywhere are fresh things. But it also makes people accustomed to being interrupted at any time while watching the news, such as receiving a phone call.

So many people have no patience to read longer news. This is the 80 's reportage popular, but now Weibo popular truth.

One, the news faces opponents

News to face many many God-like opponents, such as the already Angry Birds, such as the fruit being cut, such as Jumping ninja, the news is often in and these opponents eat food, so attract netizens attention what? One is the core content, the second is packaging.

Now is no longer that the water out of hibiscus, natural to the era of carving, no false eyelashes, not to pull a double eyelid long chest is embarrassed to go out. NET friends in recent years have been a lot of web site changes, they have realized that they are the owner, and began to criticize the user experience, so the core important, news packaging is equally important.

Ii. changes in the news

10 years later, the core page of Internet news is not much breakthrough. Change is just the way it renders and the terminal. Can look at Sina 2001 and 2012 News final page, and there is no obvious change.

However, for the key news, the main change is the content of the core has become three-dimensional, from the previous single text news gradually joined the picture added to the comments added to the video ... The recent year has been a popular addition to data graphs, and no one knows what will be added to the future.

Third, the future of the news speculation

In the World Cup, there is a saying that the great heat will die. This is to teach us how to second-guess and to predict as little as possible. But for the news of the future, or to say a little conjecture, please minors under the supervision of the girlfriend reading, all consequences are not responsible.

1. Data + Charting

Beautifully designed, Yanzhiyouwu information charts have become the new favorite of Weibo forwarding, a lot of people are too lazy to watch the news, but there is a unique view of the chart, after all, they can only look at the headlines or only a ballpark figure, you can understand a very lengthy news, you can in the wine table with everyone bragging.

2. The restoration of the image, three-dimensional presentation

A lot of news, because the reporter writing ability is uneven, often the same event will give a very different interpretation. The deception of the text is too big, may only be a word of the difference, there are difference. But if you travel around the core news in other forms, you will be able to present the whole event perfectly, such as video, such as animation, so that the news stereo alive.

3. Differentiation of different user types

The same news, there are countless angles to cut, then the future, perhaps according to the personal news user's habits, and will be a piece of news to the personal most concerned about the angle of interpretation and accurate push. For example, the news of the two hostesses, to give the sex maniac push is hostesses backstage to change the photos, to party members pushed is hostesses for the two meetings of the victory is not afraid of hard to be tired of the water skills pour.

Iv. How to make new NEWS

NEW News is I abruptly created a Chinese phrase, want to express the meaning of "fresh news", this is not only the content of the timeliness of time, more is presented in the way of breakthrough and shock.

In many cases, foreign media in the way of reporting, the presentation of products has been easy to kill the domestic media in seconds. By contrast, the portal is more concerned with opponents than the speed, resources, exclusive, but in the news itself, but the busy. This is related to the style of the whole Internet news media, Sina/Sohu/Tencent/NetEase, the four major portals are to fight the news to fight the flow of advertising to live today.

However, now with the rise of social media, many websites in the news report has reduced the weight of the traffic, the creative and dissemination of the more important position. But a creative news report, not a layout, to a headline, that our editor like Jeremy Lin, or our newspaper football team to challenge. This kind of report, the first time is the creativity, again plays will appear 2 B.

Five, some of the most awesome examples

NEW NEWS, at least we have to play a bit of technical content. The following list of some of the more domestic and foreign media products, will add a simple introduction and link address, want to experience words can go directly to see.

Wayne Rooney's prostitution scandal

Comments: This tells us, in addition to hair prostitutes photos and inventory of the so-called top ten 20 big stolen stars, with 3D animation to restore the prostitute itself, is a challenging creative and can go pornographic route of good products. P.S Wayne Rooney, after the finish, by the bedside of smoking is really handsome. Click to view Address

It may seem more interesting to have a product that is different from the media in a particular subject. So to sum up the 9,110 anniversary of the last year, some of the different media products on the terrorist attacks, to understand the operating angle of different media.

1. Sad face (New York Times view address)

Comment: Each of the victims of the portrait is presented here, about this person has left the world traces, this is a vast project, but also a conscientious project. Are we forgetting those people in our train wreck?

2. Change (Washington Post view address)

Comments: If only the 2001 and 2011 the same address the same angle of the photo comparison, in fact, there will be talent to do out. But when you find that you can pull the whole picture, a little detail conquers me.

3.911 first ten years (Wall Street View address)

Comments: From the individual to the city to the country to the world, from childhood I to the greater, look at the changes within 10 years. And the whole report has many small products, a lot of bright spots. For example, there's a crossword puzzle. "What about our world now?" "Small product, big idea." Address

4. Attacks change culture and history (American political blog Huffington Post address)

Comment: The time line to the ten years with 911 related movies/music/books made an inventory, the point of entry is very good.

5. Rebuilding Gemini (New York Times view address)

Comments: With 3D dynamic presentation How a pipe a brick to build the World Trade Center. Very slow, very test speed ...

6. Ten years later, start rebuilding (Wall Street View address)

Comment on: Originally only this product thought is the picture to mark the different place. When I am not careful to drag the mouse, I found the beginning of the 360-degree panoramic rotation ... Very good, very powerful! Highly recommended

behind the words: in fact, there are creative ideas of the news products there are many, the Chinese media news product of the road there is a long way to catch! US, on the road!

Author: Old DAO

Article Source: Sohu New Media Center

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