"Chewy" course notes--thinking transformation

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First thought

The success and failure of our career, our work, our relationships and our lives are cumulative rather than overnight, and every conversation has an impact. No single conversation can guarantee a complete reversal of a person's career, business development, relationships, or life, but every conversation is possible.
Dialogue can clarify the facts and can cause confusion. Dialogue can drive cross-cutting teamwork, or you can add barbed wire to tight partitions. Dialogue can inspire us to face the toughest challenges, but also let us sink into the mire, thinking that the morning may as well not get up.
Dialogue can be dull, and can bring about a profound experience of human nature and intimacy.

Non-real dialogue
Non-real conversations can lead to bad decisions, and bad decisions can cause serious costs. The best cost is to make the right decision.
Maik Lazaridis, the BlackBerry CEO, Mikelazaridis, he even said: "I really do not understand why the outside world is not optimistic about us, I do not even bother to argue with them." "Corporate customers are the biggest asset of BlackBerry, but this is a double-edged sword. It helped the BlackBerry to withstand the impact of the iphone and Android phones initially, but on the other hand, relying too heavily on the enterprise market would inevitably lead to a light view of the personal consumer market. BlackBerry's selling point to its BlackBerry is still focused on security and email push, while individual consumers are more interested in the user experience when choosing a mobile phone, especially mobile internet and entertainment. RIM's inability to abandon the business-grade market has become its burden. The uncertainty, rigid thinking and bureaucratic style of RIM's management have also made Rim's transformation seem extraordinarily slow. "We are all constrained by bad execution procedures, which are often too many and are poorly planned, and are not effectively implemented," a staff member openly criticized. An anonymous BlackBerry senior employee suggested that BlackBerry should reform its multi-year co-CEO system and introduce a new CEO. It's not a good sign when employees communicate with companies through anonymous letters on the Web, and anonymous letters are full of frustration and complaining, but sadly, the top of the BlackBerry has been refusing to acknowledge these issues and thinks it's doing well.

MO mention it
"Mo-Mokita" refers to things that everyone knows but no one mentions. Papua New Guinea judged the state of the tribe by the number of "Mo" in each tribe.
Provide the opportunity to listen to the truth, please subordinate to say at work or family "Mo mention it", such as setting open day, there is no negative consequences.

A second thought

The dialogue itself is about building relationships.
Conversation = Relationship
If the conversation stops ... the relationship is over.
We have the most precious wealth is not money, not wisdom, unattractive, not self-sufficiency, more than charisma, but interpersonal relationships, this is an emotional asset.

We must pay attention to the inability to serve the intellect as God, the power of intelligence is extremely powerful, but without personality, it cannot steer, only contribute.
--albert Einstein

EQ Emotional IQ
In 2002, the Nobel laureate in economics, Daniel Kahneman, a Princeton psychologist, said that the decisions made by people were based primarily on emotional factors, followed by rational factors. This does not vary by gender or ethnicity, which is a common human condition.
Emotional IQ consists of five main areas:

    • To understand the self, to monitor the change of mood, to detect the emergence of an emotion, to observe and examine their own inner experience, it is the core of emotional intelligence, only to know themselves, to become the master of their own lives;
    • Self-management, regulate their own emotions, so that the timely and moderately manifested, that can regulate their own;
    • Self-motivated, can according to the activity of a certain goal, the ability to mobilize and direct emotions, it can make people out of the low tide of life, start again;
    • The recognition of other people's emotions, through the subtle social signals, sensitive to the needs and desires of others, is to recognize the emotions of others, which is normal communication with others, to achieve smooth communication basis;
    • The skill of dealing with interpersonal relationships and regulating their emotional response to others.

A third thought

We always think that conversation is about interacting with others, but we are talking to ourselves. We tend to find evidence to justify our support. Changes in ideas can lead to behavioural change-the willingness and confidence to invest in chewy to lead the organization forward.

Being understood is a wonderful and vivid experience, even worth buying tickets to appreciate.
--joseph Pine

Window of view (Context window)
Everyone has the window of view, it contains personal opinions, self-thought truth, personal attitude, personal beliefs four parts. Only information that conforms to one's opinion or belief will penetrate the window, and the rest will be reflected.

The window of view tells us: Do not look at the problem with tinted glasses, first clean your window glass. If your goal is development, you are committed to changing behavior, and if your goal is reform, you are committed to changing your perspective.
We need to ask: Does your point of view help you to be happier/more successful? If it doesn't help, why not change your point of view? Accept other people's views to get real happiness, or to succeed.

Seven Principles of chewy

Chewy Seven principles:

    • The courage to question the truth
    • Remove the mask and let the dialogue be true
    • Full-hearted devotion, no distractions (eyes are key)
    • Tackle the toughest challenges right now
    • Listen to your instincts.
    • Be responsible for the emotional fallout that you have caused to others-your language is powerful.
    • Use the Power of silence

"Chewy" course notes--thinking transformation

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