China Flash Forum Speech Report--All-flash array technology

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this year Ten month to participate in the China Flash Forum, and was fortunate to share the flash memory technology with many friends in the form of a forum speech. We have been working on flash storage systems for a while, thinking deeply about flash storage from the perspective of products, markets, applications and technologies, and think about the future of storage as a flash memory or, in a strict sense, a semiconductor medium. The introduction of this new type of media has revolutionized the development and application of storage systems. Traditional storage technology can not directly meet the requirements of new media, and new media introduces many new technical requirements for storage technology. Therefore, the current years of flash storage technology changes in the years, through the change of technology accumulation, product development, application, will drive the entire storage industry to all-flash / Semiconductor storage era. This is an exciting era of storage change. Based on this idea, I shared with you on the Flash Forum a technical report on storage transformation-all-flash arrays. The following is the content of this report, you are welcome to criticize correct.

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1. Overview of Storage technology development

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2, Flash Technology

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3, all-flash array technical challenges

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4, all-flash array applications

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The future of storage belongs to semiconductor storage, and there are many opportunities and challenges in this era of change.

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China Flash Forum Speech Report--All-flash array technology

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