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Hu Yanping: the host of xingyan has nothing to do with, but we did some research on Web2.0, today, I have the opportunity to invite you to share my time with you, however, after hearing this, I am very excited. in the industry, we focus on more than from the perspective of business, application, and industry, from the technical perspective, including from the perspective of SOA integration, it is the first time that Web2.0 is concerned. I think the work that maidi has done is very valuable. I heard the Special "Thirst quenching ", I think this forum will also lead to in-depth attention in the industry. I think this will be very helpful for the development of Web2.0 in China.

The announcement I provided today is only from the perspective of market research, that is, some of the data we have provided for you to think about, which of the following regions has the application scope of Web2.0 used in China? We conducted some inquiries in the last 6 and July, "China's Internet website lookup and reporting", for more than half a year, here, I will only give you the number of website threat inspector in Web, which is divided into four aspects: Overview of website threat detection, such as this feature, analyze and determine data sources.

In summary, the report is the first domestic inspection of the region from the market perspective and from the perspective of usage, we have taken the structure into consideration to include content similar to this aspect, so that everyone can have a correct grasp of it.

Such as the year, region, and so on.

There are some of the most basic data records in this audit report. The first is in the 50 branch network development domains, where BSP is the most prominent, what kind of sentiment do we share with their services in the market? It basically covers the Internet tools that everyone can see, first, we give everyone the highest degree of concentration, which is a joint between the top four companies in this industry, based on the results of this query, the number of blogs ranked 35 and the percentage of the top 4 BSP users ranked 42.8%, this is a gauge of market concentration. The other is the linear design that uses the Failover rate and the Failover rate, search, email, fax, and newbie are also the top 80.4 of users who once asked the IT Website, he has used more than 62.2% million blogs and has 30 blogs in this region. His market usage rate is, it is expected to have 6160.56 million users, that is, more than 6000 users have used blog services.

According to the analytics of the relevant market, this is from BSP, which is the 1.5 standard. In the future, web won't be able to show up on some of the best web technologies in the future, just talk about the number of orders.

In China, there are more than 200 million online websites, 2720 million websites around the world, and more than 1000 blog websites. About 3000 people use RSS, there are more than 3200 users who use the web server, about 1200 users who use SNS, and 33% of media users ask the blog website, 23% of respondents asked twice or twice a week, 15% asked about 4-6 times a week, and about 35% of respondents posted blogs every week, from the perspective of traditional computing, we can also see that a blog is a new domain, but its popularity in the market is faster than our imagination, even more than our imagination of scanning people, ordinary netizens are more interested in such a kind of service recognition and attention than we think, our BSP in China is used to focus on this region from the perspective of industry, city, and city, we should be shocked by the vitality of new bottom-up changes.

In contrast, web is less familiar with it because it is the name and concept of an enterprise, it also reflects the differences between internal and external businesses. We think that Web2.0 is a concept or a set, or, as a kind of attention, the General website has a certain understanding of this term, 73.3% of users do not know much about it (including completely unaware of it, including never heard of it, or not familiar with it ). We have a 3G research project this morning. It is not very important for users to use WCDMA or CDMA. He only needs to submit and understand this service.

Another figure we checked was that a blog became an important broadcast force, 9.8% of users on the Internet have made personal blogs an important source of information when learning about the related information of Web2.0, in just two or three years, a blog is a new thing, in terms of the sources of Internet resources, it has already exceeded the power of e-commerce, search, marketing, and marketing.

We can check another figure by asking about the blog website score. This score is 51.4% of the users who have recently logged on to the blog website, 26.3% of the users frequently log on to Sina blogs, 18% Sohu blogs, 15.8% Tianya blogs, 15.4 online blogs, and 12.8% blogs. Livelihood blogs are not top-down Web2.0 models, but they still need to be explored.

In terms of RSS, we found that the proportion of RSS feeds is used, the proportion of RSS feeds is 60.8% on the secondary node, and 14.6% on the secondary node, both of which are 24.6%.

By checking another data, the RSS feed is still not the main method, and many users are using it now, however, if we use the "w" channel in the new category, the proportion of the new category using RSS feeds is not the main method, probably less than 20%.

However, once RSS is used, the changes will occur after the website is edited. In this regard, I believe that everyone here will have a deep understanding of it, because there are more websites to support RSS and more original things, on the Internet, a larger number of users may access their own targeted resources, and the website may also be used, consistency can be guaranteed, so this is different from the previous situation. Once a user uses RSS to define his own things, he will find that he and he have logged on to some websites and other new websites to have a more comparative nature. In addition, this kind of information is larger and there are a lot of effective information. Therefore, the ratio of RSS-based user experience changes is reduced to 87.1%. Even 24.3% of users use the "post-Indexing" method to become dominated by RSS feeds.

In terms of nsn, this is mainly because revenue is collected, and 60% of people reverse the price because everyone wants to keep their e-networks free of charge, in fact, not all Internet connections are free of charge. We cannot explain what the problem is. On the Internet, the relative ratio of images used is quite complex. The ratio is 22.3% for each interval, 22.8% for 2-3 times a week, and 10.7% for 4-6 times a week, each day, 14.5% of the websites used for server extraction are used.

A blog is a new region. We think that the development of Web, including BSP, beyond the content of the text, is a very high development direction, it is very important to have a blog post. From now on, it is fast and empty to choose a blog service provider, it is convenient to log on to Alibaba Cloud. In addition to analyzing and checking blogs and other Web Services, you have made some Usage Analysis and auditing.

How does a blog website broadcast on the Internet? How can it be used? What can this channel see, when some websites have new businesses, they like to use online channels rather than through traditional media and e-commerce channels. When I look up my blog, I know 18.2% of my blog posts, 18.8% of my post posts, and a relatively high percentage of my post posts is on our website, as well as our website, all of them are more than 20%, and 19.4% of blogs are learned through the search engine. The ratio of resources obtained through personal blogs and website communities is 16-17%, only 10% of the computers pass through, and only 8.8% of the broadcast traffic goes through.

the preceding figure shows the number of orders, in this place, I do not dare to think that it is to tell everyone about our judgment and points on this region, so far, the development of Web in China has been suggested. Many new things have not been finalized due to the unordered process in this region, it also needs to be viewed, including the development stages from the technical perspective and application perspective in the early stage of the development phase, we just learned something about native products through our queries in this region and shared it with everyone.

There are five points for this sharing: first, from the perspective of domestic development, from the perspective of commercialization, it is still in the early stage of commercialization, in the initial segment, profit in this segment is not the only major metric for related companies, in addition, many related enterprises have studied such a segment. Therefore, the development and investment of these segments are more, however, there is a clear improvement in the category of each enterprise. The second is that the related technologies and applications are both in the naive phase. In the future, there will be a new gap between technologies and applications. Many of the above have also made announcements, including the domain websites or related technologies that we can see in China as well as the Internet sites, there are more examples of each other, such as capturing and aggregating the information between the website and the website, it is not only based on the underlying technologies, but also from the application, or even from the web site of web, there is a great space for improvement, in this regard, we have developed some mature experiences through the International Communications Administration domain, currently, all the enterprises we see are shown in a picture at A, B, and C, from this technical perspective, if we see a trigger, not a photo, there will be something worth it later, the new technology team is always interesting to us. I think the same is true for the development of Web. From the technical perspective, we have such a development, I think many people will make changes in their own projects. If some people understand technical skills and want to study technical skills, I believe they will make a general change to the future of the Internet and the development of Web. Third, different web strategies for different Internet companies. We seem to be more interesting in comparison. It is worth noting that when we performed some research and research operations six months ago, we noticed that some people do not know about it, but they are still confused after learning about it. But today, half a year later, we noticed that everyone is paying attention to it, everyone is studying how I should do it. I am a secondary engineer, a technical engineer, or an application, I should even know nothing about it. This is a sector in the industry, and we have learned from various major Internet companies, basically, to varying degrees, we already have our own strategy in this region, which is neither involved nor involved. In this region, we can see different directions, for example, the traditional architecture. Some industry websites have launched their own community zones, as well as traditional community communities, let your community change from a simple BBS to a Community with free space to truly interact with each other. For example, for Internet companies like Baidu and Baidu, they have launched personal marketing programs on the original websites like "know" and "know it, in addition, some enterprises have launched services that allow others to allocate personal spaces. Different enterprise strategies are different. We can also see your understanding of them, some of which are based on the development of enterprises in the past few years, the management workload is huge. At the beginning of web, a kind of flexibility is displayed, which may make a decision and action that is more flexible, however, how can an enterprise improve and change the original method? In general, it is still in the middle of an experience. Fourth, different expansion strategies for different Web2.0 enterprises. There are some scenarios for better classification and entrepreneurship, such as services related to blog websites. In the past, blog websites also provide some channels similar to traditional architectures, there has been a large consolidation since January. In the fifth aspect, services and applications on the Internet have been integrated. People are not isolated from each other, not separated. In reality, you may have me in the future, or I have such a kind of separation in the past. We believe that Web will be fully integrated into the development of the entire Internet in, however, this integration does not mean that the application trend of new technologies disappears, in reality, it may be through integration to introduce important topics of next-generation Internet development or the mainstream of the market.

we have some simple conclusions. First, we think that the single BSP is not powerful in the future. In addition, through the collection of information from various aspects, we believe that investment and growth will be highly active, in the second half of and the first half of, there will be some active and active events. The third is our judgment from the perspective of application and service, it means that the current technologies and services of Web will be more and more beyond the text and content. We are currently seeing a kind of thing that is a simplified table, so we noticed that this web site is not a new interactive media, they are all media-oriented things from top to bottom. The profit model is the profit model (mainly based on advertising). We think that Web2.0 is a framework, it is a method of sending a traditional Internet, such as self-sending, self-submitting, self-organizing, or human-to-server, this method can be implemented by the server. In this case, the Internet connection may even reach a non-my website, that is, when the server crashes, in each region, the website itself may have fewer connections. In reality, it is a good thing to use your own connections. From this perspective, we think it is like WebService. Just like SOA, it is an architecture, an idea, and an idea, as a framework, we think that web represents a new kind of thinking in the development of the Internet. This is our advice for the Internet, we do not necessarily make an SOA and RSS for every enterprise, however, Web must bring new development and new service architecture into the internet service platforms of enterprises. This is because the entire IT industry is centered on customers, customer experience, and experience. We all agree that the Internet is interactive, and the Internet is correct, web suddenly showed us that the Internet is not top-down, but bottom-up. Therefore, why Web is a new thing for beginners? What we think is most important is that it allows us to think beyond ourselves and beyond the present, the ability to face each other from the bottom up. From this perspective, when web becomes a method, it is not important for you to make streaming media or animated films, the fourth aspect is the same time as the integration. I don't need to worry about the time issue, and I still have the same quality to report on it, the smart relationship between content and advertising is a real value. From now on, we can see that the website does not have the current website value. The Web2.0 method is used for related services, however, there is no dynamic link in the notice.

Let's talk about the issues and tips: Eliminating the direction of capital, removing investment and reliance, and cutting-edge technical experts and R & D strategies. Interfaces, technical standards, and information isolation are more important than blogs and RSS in the Web2.0 approach. Web in the mobile and fixed network environments. Commercialization of different regions: another subject of Web2.0 commercialization.

This is one of the one hundred companies. We collected Chinese enterprises worth your attention in this region in last June, from more than 200 million employees in the industry, if you are interested, in summary, our research on this domain is beginning, we hope that through more research and sharing, we can better understand this new domain and new things. From the technical perspective, from the application perspective, from the perspective of commerce in the industry market, I once again feel that we have been talking about such a good forum for our customers, in terms of technology, we have a lot of things to learn. We hope this forum will have a chance to continue. Thank you!

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