Chinese medicine experts recommend 11 most reliable anti-cancer foods at the Annual Meeting

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The nutrition and therapeutic sub-branch of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Society (hereinafter referred to as the "therapeutic sub-branch") held an annual meeting in Yongkang recently. A total of more than guests attended the annual meeting, focusing on the role of nutrition and therapeutic therapy in disease prevention and control, in particular, the Nutrition and therapeutic research of tumors have been communicated, and a lot of content is quite practical.

Let's take a look at some specific suggestions from the experts.

Professor Shi renchao, Chairman of Zhejiang nutrition and diet Branch:

11 types of anti-cancer foods are recommended

Professor Shi renchao, chairman of the Therapeutic Committee, Executive Director of sub-health branch of the Chinese Emy of traditional Chinese medicine, and Professor of TCM Internal Medicine of litongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province, gave a special lecture on "therapeutic view of TCM and anti-cancer diet and health care, this paper expounds the theory of Chinese medicine food source, the new ideas and conclusions of anti-cancer diet. He said that the basis of Chinese medicine diet guidance is that people's physical constitution and disease evidence are different from those of cold and hot, and food has different attributes of cold and hot. "The cold is hot, the hot is cold ". Different cereals, fruits, vegetables, and meats have different properties and tastes, which affect the health of the human body. Select the right food to get healthy.

He gave a detailed introduction to 11 anti-cancer foods in life and their usage.

1, mi Ren

Helps prevent and control gastric cancer and cervical cancer

Toxic and side effects of gentle liberation Chemotherapy

Coix seeds (commonly known as "rice kernels"): Light, sweet, light, conducive to water and dampness, spleen and diarrhea. It is an effective anti-cancer ingredient and helps prevent and control gastric cancer and cervical cancer.

Cancer patients should take more rice Kernels to remove cancer drugs, slow liberation chemotherapy side effects, can reduce ascites, improve digestion and absorption function.

Those who have less bloating and diarrhea can also consider rice kernels first.

2. Tomato

The risk of prostate cancer dropped by 50% if you eat eight times a week.

Tomato is cold and sweet. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, strengthening spleen and eliminating food, and shengjinzhike. Tomato contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps to meet the needs of cancer patients. It is also rich in lycopene, which can prevent and damage the oxidation reaction in the prostate. The study found that eating four times a week with a tomato diet reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 20%, and eating eight times a week with a tomato diet can be reduced by 50%.

3. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato has the strongest inhibition rate on cancer in Vegetables

Sweet potato flavor, flat, has the medicinal value of Invigorating Spleen and benefiting the stomach, shengjinrunzao. Japanese scholars have found that the anti-cancer Effect of cooked sweet potato and raw sweet potato in vegetables is the strongest, reaching 98.7% and 94.4% respectively, ranking first and second place. The study found that sweet potato contains Lysine and carotene, which can promote the normal maturity of epithelial cells, inhibit abnormal differentiation of epithelial cells, eliminate oxygen free radicals with carcinogenic effects, and prevent the combination of carcinogenic substances and proteins in the nucleus, promotes enhanced immunity. Therefore, it has some preventive effects on skin cancer, throat cancer, uterine cancer, gastric cancer, and ovarian cancer.

American researchers have also isolated an active substance called DHEA from sweet potatoes and injected it into white rats used to cultivate cancer cells. These mice were 1/3 longer than normal mice. The study also found that there is a kind of substance in sweet potato called dehydrotable xiongketone, which has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of cancer.

4. Kelp

Crude fiber rich helps prevent intestinal tumors

Kelp cold, salty taste, there are heat and detoxification, soft firm sanjie, Lishui Huayu effect. Kelp contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate cholesterol metabolism and excretion, reduce cholesterol, shorten the contact time between carcinogenic substances and intestinal tissue, and help prevent intestinal tumors; kelp also contains cobalt and selenium, which helps prevent and control breast cancer. In addition, kelp can be used to prevent and control edema, hypertension, bronchitis and other diseases.

5. Green bean sprout

Stimulate the body to produce interferon

Anti-infection and Tumor Suppression

Green bean sprouts are cold, sweet, and have the efficacy of clearing heat and detoxification, and reducing swelling by water. Green Bean Sprout contains an antibiotic stimulating agent, which can stimulate the body to produce interferon, while interferon can prevent infection and inhibit tumors. Green Bean Sprout also contains rich vitamin E, which can protect epithelial cells, it is also an important source of vitamin B17 to prevent cancer. Long-term smoking, often exposed to toxic and harmful substances, often eating green bean sprouts has a good detoxification effect. Green bean sprouts can also eliminate heat and thirst, heat, diarrhea, and pesticide poisoning.

6. Asparagus

It contains Tianmen dongamide and a variety of steroid saponin.

It has a certain effect on cancer prevention and control.

Asparagus cold, bitter taste, spleen and qi, nourishing yin rundry, shengjin thirst relief, phlegm and cough effect. Asparagus is a type of medicinal and edible vegetables. It is rich in sugar, protein and a variety of vitamins. It is a special nutrient of asparagus. It contains many kinds of steroid saponin, folic acid and ganli polyester, it has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of various cancers.

Eating asparagus can also eliminate fatigue and enhance physical fitness. It also has a certain auxiliary effect on heart disease, hypertension, high heart rate, edema, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

7. Eggplant

It contains the anti-cancer substance longkwai base.

Eggplant is cool, sweet, there are heat-clearing and detoxification, diuretic swelling, blood circulation and blood stasis, qufeng tongluo, relieve pain and damage, wide intestinal LiQi effect. Eggplant contains the anti-cancer substance longkwai base and other active substances, such as lorubasine, sdol, and perilla. It also has the role of anti-cancer and health care.

8. Mushrooms

Mushroom polysaccharide, which has a strong anti-tumor effect

It can alleviate the side effects caused by chemotherapy.

Shiitake Mushrooms have the following functions: Invigorating Spleen and Stomach, supplementing qi, lowering blood pressure, etc. Shiitake mushrooms contain a large amount of shiitake mushroom polysaccharide, which has a strong anti-tumor effect. It has a strong host-mediated activity in activated T lymphocytes and shows anti-cancer activity, it has some therapeutic effects on inhibiting various types of tumors such as gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and colorectal cancer, and can enhance the body's resistance to virus cells and cancer cells. It can alleviate the side effects caused by chemotherapy.

9, Pear

It can inhibit the formation of nitrosamines.

Pear, sweet and slightly sour, has the function of Moistening Lung and cooling heart, Eliminating Phlegm and reducing fire, and relieving the virus. Pear can inhibit the formation of nitroamine, and protect the liver. It has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on fever, dry mouth, sore throat, and stool secret caused by cancer.

10, fresh Dendrobium

The inhibitory rate of tumor cells reaches 50%.

Fresh Dendrobium cold, sweet bitter, nourishing yin and clearing heat effect. Experiments by Chinese scholars show that the active ingredients in Dendrobium have obvious inhibitory effects on the growth of the tumor cell line '6. Studies have also showed that the combination of Dendrobium polysaccharide and umbilical cord blood cell can enhance the killing effect on tumor cells, the ethanol extracts, namely Mao lansu, Mao lanfei and gumaffei, have different levels of anti-tumor activity. In addition, all kinds of hot sexually transmitted diseases after Yin Jin loss, a variety of hot and dry diseases, and often stay up late, smoke, use more people, Dendrobium is a good nourishing product.

11. Ling meat

Substances containing liver cancer and ascites

Ling meat is cold, sweet, raw food can reduce heat and heat, in addition to the trouble to quench thirst, boil and eat to benefit the gas, spleen and stomach. Ling meat contains a substance that protects against liver cancer and ascites and has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer cells. It can be used to fry fresh Ling meat with water to obtain thick juice, it has a certain effect on the treatment of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, and cervical cancer.

Old Ling's shell also has the anti-cancer effect, it can be dried by Ling shell after grinding into powder, plus a proper amount of honey, rushed into boiling water, made of Ling honey tea, also has a certain auxiliary effect on cancer treatment.

In addition, chronic gastritis with intestinal, cirrhosis, can be appropriate to eat more

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