Chrome 25 awesome: will automatically disable extensions that are secretly installed

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Google announced in its official blog yesterday that Chrome will provide users with a more powerful protection function in the future and will not allow any Silent Installation extension.

Users have the right to know which extensions are running, because the extensions will affect Chrome's functions and performance more or less. Many users download and install extensions from the official Chrome Web Store, but many users have been silently installed.

Chrome 25 adds two features to help users stay away from malicious plug-ins and only run the extensions they want.

First, Chrome 25 disables extensions installed through third-party programs by default. When a third-party program installs an extension for Chrome, a prompt box is displayed, listing the permissions of this extension, for example, it can access all your network data, read and modify your bookmarks to access your tags and browsing activities.

If you really need to use this extension, you can enable it in this window. If it is an extension you do not know, then you can choose to delete it from the computer.

Second, all extensions that you have previously installed through the external installer will be automatically disabled, and Chrome will display a one-time prompt. You can re-enable all or part of them through "extension Settings.

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