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Cisco hierarchical password induction 1) in a cisco device, a specific password is divided into 15 levels [1-15], with the highest level of 15 permissions (R # privileged mode, all permissions) 2) R (config) # enab secret sets a 15-level password by default. 3) R (config) # enab password uses the plaintext password, and show run can see the plaintext. R (config) # enab secret uses the encrypted password. show run can see the encrypted ciphertext. Note: Here is Cisco's proprietary encryption method, which is similar to MD5 encryption, but it is not just MD5. I used some simple letters to perform MD5 lookup on the MD5 reverse query website, it is found that the encrypted ciphertext is not the same as that of Cisco. 4) if R (config) # enab secret and R (config) # enab password coexist, enab secret takes precedence. 5) R (config) # enab secret is followed by a parameter: Router (config) # enable secret? 0 Specifies an UNENCRYPTED password will follow ** ciphertext before encryption, equivalent to LINE) 5 Specifies an ENCRYPTED secret will follow ** use cisco-like MD5-ENCRYPTED ciphertext LINE The UNENCRYPTED (cleartext) 'enabled' secret *** and Router (config) # enable secret 0 equivalent level Set exec level password ** hierarchical password (which will be explained below) ******* example: (1) Router (config) # enable secret c now show run to see enable secret 5 $1 $ mERr $ VL4hS. iHaUZPFsMQPhDfp. (2) Router (config) # enable secret 5 $1 $ MERr $ VL4hS. iHaUZPFsMQPhDfp. now show run shows enable secret 5 $1 $ mERr $ VL4hS. iHaUZPFsMQPhDfp. it can be said that (1) (2) is equivalent, (2) is to directly input the encrypted ciphertext 3) about the privilege level: Router (config) # enable secret level? * *** Can be connected to <1-15> Levels <1-15> Level numberRouter (config) # enable secret level 14? * ***** The parameters are the same as the default ones. The previous article does not describe them here. 0 Specifies an UNENCRYPTED password will follow5 Specifies an ENCRYPTED secret will followLINE The UNENCRYPTED (cleartext) 'enable' secretRouter (config) # enable secret level 14 pwd14 ***** at this time, set the 14-level password to pwd14 and return to the user mode: r> If you press en directly, you can still enter the original privileged mode (you can set another password for the privilege in advance). To enter Level 14 permissions, You need: router> en 14 **** is followed by level 14 Router # *** if this is used? You can find that there are very few commands and the global configuration cannot be entered. This is because we have not yet granted Level 14 authorization. Let's associate the password with the permission: Router> en *** to go to the management level, and set the level of Router # conf tRouter (config) with a lower level than his/her permissions at the management level) # privilege? *** Authorization command, which of the following modes is selected: configure Global configuration modeexec Exec modeinterface Interface configuration modeline Line configuration moderouter Router configuration mode ********************* * *********** Router (config) # privilege exec? * *** Privileged mode execall All suboption will be set to the samelevel *** All commands and sub-commands Under the selected command level Set privilege level of command *** which command is assigned level, does not include the subcommand reset Reset privilege level of command *** to reset the authorization under the selected command, and does not include the subcommand Router (config) # privilege exec all level 14 config *** assign the config and its sub-commands in privileged mode to level14. In this case, level 14 can use config and all sub-commands in this mode.

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