Citrix Weekly Technical Dynamic--20160625

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Xenapp/xendesktopXenApp andxendesktop 7.6 (LTSR)Version SupportWindows10as aVDA

This blog post describes the XenApp and XenDesktop7.6 (LTSR) supported in version Windwos Ten features, which need to be installed by the VDA 7.9 the version and PVS 7.9 to implement this support.

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Citrix healthassistantUpdate-Latest update Date6Month ADay

Citrix Health Assistant is a helping Citrix administrator to solve Citrix tools for configuring problems in your environment. the V1 version of the tool focuses on troubleshooting vdas in XenDesktop or XenApp products Registration issues. The tool uses the VDA to check the following options for health and report the results:

1.VDA Software Installation

2.VDA Machine Domain Membership Authentication

3.VDA Availability of communication ports

4.VDA Service Status

5.Windows Firewall Configuration

6. Delivery Controller and VDA Communication

7. synchronization of Time between each delivery controller and the VDA

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ConfigurationCitrix SCOMPackage Auto-recovery failedXenAppand theXenDesktopof Services

this is Citrix in the 6 Month at published a technical blog article detailing the use of Citrix SCOM Package to monitor XenApp and the XenDesktop services, and when their services fail, use the set of recovery tasks to automatically resume the operation of these services.

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to beMCSthe naming configuration of machine catalog computers starts with a specific number

in general, we create a machine catalog from win7pool001 ... to the win7pool030 such a rule to name. Its digital number starts with 001. What if we're going to start at the beginning? Then please see this article.

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Configuring the Federation Service failed to complete the steps3

Configuring the Federation Service failed to complete the steps 3 , this is a known issue that requires an upgrade CA , from the Citrix discussion of the forum.

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XenMobileXenMobile10.3.5design and Deployment manuals

XenMobile 10.3.5 design and deployment manuals to explain the new MAM Server mode and other design considerations, a total $ page of PDF documentation.

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Citrix released a XenMobile 10.3.6 product Download, download connection:

Xenmobileserver 10.3.6 Download:


Mdxtoolkit 10.3.6 Download:


Worxapps 10.3.6 Download:

Https:// 2fxenmobile-enterprise-edition-worx-apps-and-mdx-toolkit

What ' s New inworx Mobile Apps

Citrix released the latest Worx Mobile Apps to see what updates and enhancements are available for the following website queries!

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What ' s New inxenmobile 10.3.6

Citrix Publish the latest XenMobile Product 10.3.6 version, we can 10.3.5 Upgrade to 10.3.6 . Check out the following URLs to see what updates and improvements are available!

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StoreFrontHow to change the published application name based on the user's browser language

How to change the published application name based on the user's browser language, from Citrix discussion of the forum.

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ShareFilerun configurations for specific users onlyShareFileDrive Mappings- User Group Policy

How to configure with user Group Policy to run only for specific users ShareFile drive mapping, from Citrix discussion of the forum.

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Citrix Weekly Technical Dynamic--20160625

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