Citrix Weekly Technical Dynamic--20160703

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VDA Cleanup Tool: This version of 6 Month - Updated , mainly updated to uninstall VDA is no longer deleted . net/visual C + + Components --Citrix KB


XenApp and the XenDesktop of the 7.6 LTSR list of Issues Fixed by version

Links: Fixed-issues-since-xenapp-and-xendesktop-7-6-ltsr.html

Citrix Policy Template Update

Links: Group-policy-management-template-updates-for-xenapp-and-xendeskt.html

in the XAXD 7.8 as well 7.9 fix questions about Clipboard in the discussion


about the 7.9 description of version using video codec - from Citrix Blog Posts


AppDisk problem: Add CtxPvd.exe and the CtxPvD.exe to the Windows Defender the exclusion list



the latest NetScaler version NetScaler 11.1 have been released, but also released NetScaler MAS 11.1 , you can log in to download using.

with NetScaler Gateway 11.x use a virtual keyboard to prevent local Keylogger software threats -Citrix KB


Keyloggers are becoming an increasingly serious threat to the internet and pose a risk to the security of the corporate network. They run silently on a computer or Internet site and record keystrokes entered by the user. They can therefore capture the user name and password entered by the user, and can then use credentials to access the corporate network.

Use NetScaler Gateway 11.x The virtual keyboard can prevent the keylogger from being intercepted by the user name password.


to be AAA content Exchange fill in the correct expression -Citrix KB


Github on the script: PowerShell script uses nitor API Upgrade to NetScaler11.1

Links: Https://

understand the different bindings VServer priority of the on-session policy -Citrix KB


how to get from Gateway plug-in for Mac get logs on plugins –citrix KB



XenMobile and the NetScaler When an encrypted connection is established, this is used TLS 1.2 , you must select a version that is 10.5 60+ or 11.0 version


XenMobile tool allows you to configure XenMobile Auto Discovery




ShareFile Approval and feedback process


citrixsharefile Storagezone Controller and NetScaler of the Office Online the server integration

Links: how-to-setup-office-online-server-with-citrix-sharefile-storagezone-controller-netscaler/

si Jie ShareFile Quick Edit User Guide


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Citrix Weekly Technical Dynamic--20160703

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