Citrix Weekly Technical News-20160729

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vdacleanup Utility (VDA Cleanup Utility ) – Latest version in 7 Month - update, from this version will no longer be beta, that is, it is a formal version

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Xenapp/xendesktop based on VMware VSphere for the underlying infrastructure, the VSphere a detailed description of the required permissions (for example, MCS mode, PVS mode and the permissions required for power management)

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in the upcoming Director Overview of new features in advance

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CITRIXLTSR Assistant Tools 7 Month + Latest Updates

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Receiver2.1 for HTML5 Latest updates Download

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Use PowerShell or JavaScript Create StoreFront of the ICA file –github Script

Link Address: Http://

by editing script.js Document Customization StoreFront The default language is English Citrix Forum

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the latest . year based on OpenSSL the vulnerability, NetScaler has been fixed in the following versions, respectively, NetScaler versions11.1.47, 11.0.67, and 10.5.63

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NETSCALERSDX multiple security updates for – the affected version is previous versions as well as the impact the previous version. 11.0 not affected.

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how to downgrade with a new installation (factory reset) NetScaler SDX individual installation package features - requires new hardware with larger partitions

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"Deleteprofiles older than xx days", Citrix Telemetry Service causes the server R2 the image is stuck at startup "Getting devices Ready" mode of - Citrix Forum

Link Address: provisioned-server-2012-r2-images-stuck-at-getting-devices-ready/#entry1936442

Use VMware Vcenterconverter the PVS reverse the image and rewind the virtual machine mode back to the

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WorxMail10.3.8 customization required for attachment repositories XML file – Citrix Installation Instructions Documentation

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Office365 with the Worxmail , Worxweb and the ShareFile Integrated - Citrix Documentation

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How to set Worx Home the log level for - Citrix Knowledge Base articles

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Set up multiple favorites / Bookmarks in Worxweb not visible - si Jie KB article

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citrixmobility Master Class : XenMobile Tools and WorxMail10.3.8 new Features -

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of the futureXenMobilePlanning - from the App StoreMDXPackaged Applications:Worxseries renamed toSecure(for exampleworxhome=secure Hub),Worxchat(Secure Chat)



Citrixxenserver multiple security updates for

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citrixxenserver 7 Master Class : XenServer7 New features, new partition layouts, and Bitdefender memory Self-checking technology


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Citrix Weekly Technical News-20160729

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