Citrix Weekly Technical News-20160814

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Citrixappdisk Basic Troubleshooting KB article


in the Citrixxenapp and the XenDesktop enabled in the environment Microsoft User Profiledisk "

Microsoft User Profile Disk "


Citrixdirector the features and versions



Citrix Publish the latest NetScaler 11.1 Build48.10 F versions, including MAS , SDX as well d NetScaler Insightcenter of the 48.10 F version, everyone can log in Citrix Download the website.

cannot be a Outlook do NetScaler of the AAA ? Citrix Forum Discussion


NetScaler of the SCOM Management Pack Consumption 3 GB of the RAM Resources and Performance - Citrix Blog Articles and white papers

Links: scom-netscaler-management-pack-resource-consumption-performance-overview/

White Paper: Downloads/citrix_mpns_performanceoverview.pdf

NetScaler11.0 Build updated, NetScaler Use NTLM Certifications


NETSCALERSDX intermittent on a link aggregation channel Flap- upgrade to a base based on XenServer6.5 of the SVM11 Solve - Citrix Knowledge Base articles


NetScaler Use Interface 0/1 large packet loss scenarios for data traffic


NetScaler of the TCP configuration File Settings comparison



Citrix Publish XenMobile Server10.3.6 rolling Patch 1 , fix security vulnerabilities, and resolve Xenmobileserver The cluster deadlock problem, you can log in Citrix Download the website.

Worxmail Attachment Repository Introduction



Citrix Publish XenServer 7.0 latest patch fixes for xs70e010 , the patch contains the previous xs70e006 , you can replace xs70e006 . Note: You must install the hotfix xs70e004 before you apply this hotfix .


Recommended updates for XenServer 7 Patch:

1.ctx213350- Patches xs70e001 .

2.ctx213770- Patches xs70e002 .

3.ctx213769- Patches xs70e003- to be XenServer 7.0 Affected by Citrix XenServer Security Updates cve-2016-5302 affected by the hotfix.

4.ctx214305- Patches xs70e004

5.ctx215416- Patches xs70e005 .

6.ctx214992- Patches xs70e008 .

7. Latest Patch xs70e010.


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Citrix Weekly Technical News-20160814

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