Ckeditor 3.3.1 and ckfinder 3.3.1

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I. ckeditor 3.3.1 simplified
1. Delete the _ samples and _ source folders, which are the sample files and uncompressed source programs respectively.
2. Delete all language files under the Lang folder except the zh-cn.js, en. js. Delete as needed
3. Delete changes.html (updated later) in the root directory, install.html (installation instructions), and license.html (license ).
4. Delete unnecessary skins in the skins directory. I usually use V2 (simple. Simple) // If only V2 is retained, you must specify the skin in config. js.
5. Delete ckeditor. asp, ckeditor. php, ckeditor_php4.php, and ckeditor_php5.php files in the root directory ).

Ii. ckeditor 3.3.1 related file configuration path
1./ckeditor. js core file, which needs to be loaded
2. The/config. js configuration file and parameter configuration are all completed here

3. ckeditor application (. NET environment)
1. Reference JS scripts
<SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript" src = "/ckeditor. js"> </SCRIPT>
2. Add a Textbox Control and set the class to ckeditor.
<Asp: textbox id = "txtcontent" class = "ckeditor" textmode = "multiline" text = ''runat = "server"/>

Iv. ckeditor configuration (config. js configuration file)
For more information about API parameters, see

Ckeditor. editorconfig = function (config)
// Define changes to default configuration here. For example:
// Config. Language = 'Fr ';
// Config. uicolor = '# aadc6e ';

// Define changes to default configuration here. For example:
Config. Language = 'zh-cn'; // configuration language
// Config. uicolor = '# aadc6e'; // background color
// Config. width = 650; // width
Config. Height = 400; // height
Config. Skin = 'v2'; // editor style (Kama, office2003, V2)

// Cancel the "drag to change the size" Function
Config. resize_enabled = true;

// Basic Toolbar
// Config. toolbar = "Basic ";

// All-Around Toolbar
// Config. toolbar = "full ";

// Customize the toolbar
Config. toolbar =
['Source', '-', 'preview'], ['cut ', 'copy', 'paste', 'pastetext ', 'pastefromword'], ['undo ', 'redo', '-', 'Find ', 'replace', '-', 'selectall', 'removeformat'], ['numberedlist ', 'bulletedlist', '-', 'outdent ', 'indent', 'blockquote', 'showblocks '],'/',
['Bold ', 'italic', 'underline', 'strike', '-', 'subscript', 'superscript'], ['justifyleft', 'justifycenter ', 'justifyright', 'justifyblock'], ['link', 'unlink', 'anchor '], ['image', 'flash', 'table', 'horizontalrule ', 'specialchar '],'/',
['Styles ', 'format', 'font', 'fontsize'], ['textcolor', 'bgcolor'], ['maximize',]


Ckfinder Installation

1. Simplified ckfinder
1. Delete the _ samples and _ source folders, which are the sample files and uncompressed source programs respectively.
2. Delete the changelog.txt, install.txt, and license.txt files from the root directory.
3. 1. delete the kernel/lang directory in Version X except en. JS, zh-cn.js of all language files (Delete according to conditions), 2.0 Delete Lang and Core/connector/aspx/lang directory except en. JS, all language files for the zh-cn.js; help directory other directories except en

Ii. ckfinder Configuration
1. Copy the ckfinder. dll file in the/bin directory to the site bin directory.
2. Copy the ckfinder directory to the site root directory (you can select another path)

Iii. ckfinder applications
1. Integration with ckeditor. For details, see the official document. The official document is about loading and modifying, and the method I use is global modification.

The procedure is as follows: Modify the config. js file in the ckeditor directory and add ::

// Integrate ckfinder in ckeditor. Make sure that the ckfinder path is selected correctly.
VaRCkfinderpath = ""; // ckfinder path
Config. filebrowserbrowseurl = ckfinderpath + '/ckfinder/ckfinder.html ';
Config. filebrowserimagebrowseurl = ckfinderpath + '/ckfinder/ckfinder.html? Type = images ';
Config. filebrowserflashbrowseurl = ckfinderpath + '/ckfinder/ckfinder.html? Type = flash ';
Config. filebrowseruploadurl = ckfinderpath + '/ckfinder/CORE/connector/aspx/connector. aspx? Command = quickupload & type = files ';
Config. filebrowserimageuploadurl = ckfinderpath + '/ckfinder/CORE/connector/aspx/connector. aspx? Command = quickupload & type = images ';
Config. filebrowserflashuploadurl = ckfinderpath + '/ckfinder/CORE/connector/aspx/connector. aspx? Command = quickupload & type = flash ';

The above URL value varies depending on your ckfinder path,

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