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There was a middle-aged unemployed man who had been looking for a job for a long time and could not find it. As a result, Microsoft asked for a cleaner and then applied for the job.

Microsoft's HR director asked him after the interview: "Will you go online? If you are admitted, we will publish it on our website ."

The man replied, "Sorry, I cannot access the Internet ."

Human Resources Supervisor: "I want to apply for an Internet connection from Microsoft. Are you mistaken !" Let's just get him out.

When the man was frustrated, he felt that he only had ten dollars in his body. He had a chance to buy a big bag of potatoes in the store and then began to visit and sell his potatoes from house to house, I didn't expect it to be sold out, and he earned $ thirty.

As a result, he started his entrepreneurial career slowly through this kind of door-to-door visit, from a few dollars to opening a fresh fruit and vegetable home delivery company and establishing a large chain store, then he became a billionaire.

One day, an insurance salesman went to the billionaire to pull insurance. The insurance clerk asked: "Do you want to access the Internet? Our products are described in detail on the Internet ." The billionaire told the clerk: "I cannot access the Internet ."

"As a billionaire, you are not going to access the Internet for such a big business," said the insurance salesman ?"

The billionaire told the clerk the story of applying for a cleaner at Microsoft and said, "If I access the Internet at the annual meeting, I am still a cleaner now ....."

This story gives us three inspirations:
1. It is best to apply for an application from Microsoft to access the Internet, otherwise you will not be admitted to the cleaners.
2. If you do not want to access the Internet, you may not be able to develop or become a billionaire.
3. If you see this article, you will be surfing the Internet,

The chances for you to become a cleaner should be larger than that of becoming a billionaire...

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