Cleaning and maintenance of the motherboard and methods for removing dust from the motherboard

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First, to clean up the motherboard for a long time the board will have a thick layer of dust, these dust is caused by the main board problems.

Regularly clean the motherboard dust, first unplug the power and then open the chassis, do not touch the motherboard, you should find some larger gold

Objects remove their own static electricity, to prevent burnout of the small electronic original motherboard, and then unplug all the cards, memory

Power plug, remove the motherboard from the fixed screws to remove the board, with a softer brush to remove dust

Second, the renovation of its method than dust removal effect is better, is a bit annoying and careful. Remove the motherboard and remove the card, the memory strip,

The battery, the radiator, the CPU, can be taken down. Then put the motherboard into pure water with a brush to clean, with a dry cloth

Absorb the water on the motherboard, after the surface of water, the paper wrapped up the best newspaper, and then put in the sun exposure. Time

About 2-3 hours, in the opening of the newspaper to see whether it has been fully dry, attention must be dry, or later have influence. Completed and put in

Chassis, note that the heatsink must be installed with a number of cooling cream not too much and not too little.

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