motherboard with ddr2 and ddr3 support

Learn about motherboard with ddr2 and ddr3 support, we have the largest and most updated motherboard with ddr2 and ddr3 support information on

The difference of DDR2 DDR3 __ Test

experts said the delay value, is the absolute time of delay, the unit is NS, the higher the frequency, the natural one cycle of the absolute time used is also shorter. When we were still brooding over the DDR3 cl, the absolute latency was actually decreasing . DDR3 Introduction DDR3 (double-data-rate three synchronous dynamic random access memory) is a high-ban

What is the difference between DDR3 and DDR2?

) Relationship (dual physical bank module), thus greatly reducing the load of address/command/control and data bus. In memory modules, similar to the DDR2 category, there are standard DIMMs (desktop pcs), So-dimm/micro-dimm (laptops), fb-dimm2 (servers), where the second generation of FB-DIMM will adopt a higher-specification AMB2 (Advanced memory buffers )。 DDR3, which targets 64-bit architectures, clearl

What is the difference between memory DDR2 and DDR3

DDR3 is expected to be born next year The speed is soaring! AMD's AM2 Interface K8 architecture Processor introduced support for the highest DDR2 800, and Intel released its long-awaited Conroe processor on July 23 and carried out the largest "terrorist attack" in history, and the computer market appeared to have entered the

The difference between memory DDR2 and DDR3

At present, we use the main computer memory is DDR3 memory, DDR4 memory is already in the research and development phase, has been successful, predicted 2014 total mass production instead of DDR3 memory, today, a netizen asked the editor such a question: the difference between DDR2 and DDR3? Why now

DDR4 compatible with DDR3? Can the DDR3 motherboard use DDR4 memory?

2016 can be said to be the first year of DDR4 memory, with lower power consumption, stronger performance DDR4 full listing, coupled with the price and DDR3 difference, the new installed user preferred DDR4. However, for some computer users, the old computer can upgrade DDR4 memory, DDR4 compatible DDR3? The key question here is whether the DDR3

How to see the motherboard support memory frequency

computer can support how much capacity and high frequency of memory, not only by the motherboard decision, but also related to the processor, but most motherboards and processors are must be compatible with the use of the motherboard design, most will consider the maximum CPU support frequency, so generally we only se

Does the B150 motherboard support DDR4 memory?

Does the B150 motherboard support DDR4 memory? This is a question that we are going to discuss with you today. Intel launched its new Skylake architecture six-generation processor in the second half of last year, with a new LGA 1151 interface that requires a new 100-series motherboard, while the B150 motherboard is the

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