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1. Italic and Bold

Use * and * * to denote italic and bold.


This is Italic , which is bold .

2. Outline headings

Use the = = = to represent a level header, using---to represent level two headings.


    1. 这是一个一级标题
    2. ============================
    3. 这是一个二级标题
    4. --------------------------------------------------
    5. ### 这是一个三级标题

You can also choose to indicate different levels of headings (H1-H6) at the beginning of the line, for example: # H1, # # H2, # # # h3,#### H4.

3. External links

Use [description] (link address) to add external links to text.


This is the link to my blog .

4. Unordered list

Use *,+,-to represent unordered lists.


    • Unordered list Item One
    • Unordered list Item Two
    • Unordered list Item Three
5. Ordered list

Use numbers and dots to indicate an ordered list.


    1. There is a sequence table item one
    2. There are sequence table item two
    3. There are sequence table item three
6. Text References

Use > to represent text references.


The wild fire is endless, the spring breeze blows and is born.

7. In-line code block

Use ' code ' to represent inline code blocks.


Let's talk html .

8. Code block

Use four indent spaces to represent a block of code.


9. Inserting images

Use! Description (Picture link address) Insert image.


CMD Markdown High-Order Grammar Handbook 1. Content Directory

Fill in the paragraph [TOC] to display the full-text content of the directory structure.

  • CMD Markdown Concise Grammar Handbook
      • 1. Italic and Bold
      • 2. Outline headings
      • 3. External links
      • 4. Unordered list
      • 5. Ordered list
      • 6. Text References
      • 7. In-line code block
      • 8. Code block
      • 9. Inserting images
  • CMD Markdown High-order Grammar Handbook
      • 1. Content Directory
      • 2. Label classification
      • 3. Delete a line
      • 4. Footnotes
      • 5. LaTeX Formula
      • 6. Enhanced block of code
      • 7. Flowchart
        • Example
        • More syntax references: Flowchart Syntax reference
      • 8. Sequence diagram
        • Example 1
        • Example 2
        • More syntax references: Sequence diagram syntax reference
      • 9. Gantt Chart
        • More syntax References: Gantt Chart syntax reference
      • Ten. Mermaid flowchart
        • More syntax Reference: Mermaid flowchart Syntax Reference
      • One. Mermaid sequence diagram
        • More syntax references: Mermaid sequence diagram Syntax reference
      • 12. Form Support
      • 13. List of defined types
      • Html tags
      • 15. Inline icons
      • 16. Todo List
2. Label classification

Enter the following code in the first column of any row in the edit area to label the document:


Tags: Math English Markdown

3. Delete a line

Use ~ ~ to indicate strikethrough.

This is the wrong text.

4. Footnotes

Use [^keyword] to denote footnotes.

This is an example of a footnote [1].

This is a sample of the second footnote [2].

5. LaTeX Formula

$ denotes in-line formula:

The equation of conservation of mass energy can be expressed by a very concise equation .

Access Mathjax refer to more usage methods.

6. Enhanced block of code

Support for syntax highlighting in 41 programming languages, line number display.

Non-code example:

    1. $ sudo apt-get install vim-gnome

Python Example:

  1. @requires_authorization
  2. def somefunc(param1=‘‘, param2=0):
  3. ‘‘‘A docstring‘‘‘
  4. if param1 > param2: # interesting
  5. print ‘Greater‘
  6. return (param2 - param1 + 1) or None
  7. class SomeClass:
  8. pass
  9. >>> message = ‘‘‘interpreter
  10. ... prompt‘‘‘

JavaScript Example:

  1. /**
  2. * nth element in the fibonacci series.
  3. * @param n >= 0
  4. * @return the nth element, >= 0.
  5. */
  6. function fib(n) {
  7. var a = 1, b = 1;
  8. var tmp;
  9. while (--n >= 0) {
  10. tmp = a;
  11. a += b;
  12. b = tmp;
  13. }
  14. return a;
  15. }
  16. document.write(fib(10));
7. Flowchart example Startverificationyour Operationyes or No? Endyour Subroutineyesno More Syntax reference: Flowchart Syntax reference 8. Sequence diagram example 1AliceAliceBobBobHello Bob, how is it? Bob Thinksi am Good thanks! example 2Here is a titleaabbccddnormal linedashed lineopen arrowdashed open arrow For more syntax reference: Sequence diagram Syntax reference 9. Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart has a simple inner mind. It is basically a line chart, the horizontal axis represents the time, the vertical axes represent the activity (the project), and the line represents the completion of the planned and actual activities throughout the period. It visually shows when a task is planned, and how the actual progress is compared to the plan requirements.

06/2707/0407/1107/1807/2508/01 Requirements Analysis Feasibility report Concept verification Summary design detailed design code test release acceptance project determine project implementation release acceptance project development process more Syntax reference: Gantt Chart Syntax reference 10. Mermaid Flowchart Link Textonetwohard edgeround edgedecisionresult oneresult More syntax reference: Mermaid flowchart Syntax Reference 11. Mermaid sequence diagram Alicejohnhello John, how is it? great!loop[every minute]alicejohn more syntax reference: Mermaid sequence diagram Syntax reference 12. Form Support
Project Price Quantity
Computer $1600 5
Cell phone $ 12
Pipeline $ 234
13. List of defined types
Noun 1
Definition 1 (left with a visible colon and four invisible spaces)
Code Block 2

This is the definition of the code block (there is a visible colon and four invisible spaces on the left)

Html tags

This site supports nesting HTML tags in the Markdown syntax, for example, you can write a table that spans two lines in HTML:

<table>    <tr>        <th rowspan="2">值班人员</th>        <th>星期一</th>        <th>星期二</th>        <th>星期三</th>    </tr>    <tr>        <td>李强</td>        <td>张明</td>        <td>王平</td>    </tr></table>
duty Personnel Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Li Qiang Zhang ming Wang ping
15. Inline icons

The icon system of this station is open to the outside, enter in the document

<i class="icon-weibo"></i>

That shows the icon for Weibo:

Replace the above i 标签 icon-weibo to show different icons, for example:

<i class="icon-renren"></i>

That shows everyone's icon:

More icons and gameplay can be found on the official website of Font-awesome.

16. Todo List

Compose a todo list with list syntax with [] or [x] (unfinished or completed) items, and support nesting of sub-lists and mixing markdown syntax, for example:

- [ ] **Cmd Markdown 开发**    - [ ] 改进 Cmd 渲染算法,使用局部渲染技术提高渲染效率    - [ ] 支持以 PDF 格式导出文稿    - [x] 新增Todo列表功能 [语法参考](    - [x] 改进 LaTex 功能        - [x] 修复 LaTex 公式渲染问题        - [x] 新增 LaTex 公式编号功能 [语法参考]( [ ] **七月旅行准备**    - [ ] 准备邮轮上需要携带的物品    - [ ] 浏览日本免税店的物品    - [x] 购买蓝宝石公主号七月一日的船票

The corresponding Todo list is shown below:

  • CMD Markdown development &NBSP;
    • improved CMD rendering algorithm, improved rendering efficiency using local rendering techniques
    • export documents in PDF format
    • add todo list feature   syntax reference
    • improved LaTex function &NBSP
      • fix LaTex formula rendering problem
      • new LaT Ex Formula numbering function   syntax reference
  • July Travel Preparation
    • Prepare items to be carried on a cruise ship
    • Browse Japan duty-Free Shop items
    • Purchase of Sapphire Princess July 1 ferry ticket
[1] This is a footnote to the text .  ?
[2] This is The text of another footnote .  ?

CMD Markdown Concise Grammar manual

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