CMD.exe uses too many system resource solutions

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When the computer starts, it automatically loads the CMD.exe process, the user is occupied by the SYSTEM,CPU resources, and after the process is finished manually, everything is normal.

1. Turn off System Restore before antivirus (Win2000 system can be ignored): Right button "My Computer", attribute, System Restore, turn off System Restore tick on all drives.

Clear IE Temporary files: Open IE point tool-->internet option: Internet temporary files, click the "Delete Files" button, will "delete all offline content" Tick, click OK Delete.

Close applications such as QQ. Do not do any double-click to open the disk until you do the following. All downloaded tools are placed directly on the desktop.

2. Use the force Deletion tool POWERRMV to fill in the following file (including the complete path), check "suppress kill object again generation", point kill "have not found the prompt please ignore error continue"









Restart the computer and press F8 to select Enter Safe mode to do the following to restart the computer and then press F8 to select Enter Safe mode to perform the following actions


The following operations are required in Safe mode. [Safe mode?] Press F8 to enter Safe Mode when restarting the computer


3. Use tool Sreng to do the following:

"The following operations are risky, and you must understand the above methods before you operate." 】

The contents of the "Sreng reminder after opening" function do not match the expected value they may be modified by some malicious software "Please ignore the error, install the normal modification after the soft." 】


Start Project--> the registry with the following deletion





Start the project--> service-->win32 The following item deletion of the service application: (Run Sreng---> Startup project---> Service--->WIN32 Service Application---> Check "Hide Certified Microsoft Project"---> Select the service you want to remove---> select Delete Service---> Click settings---> Prompt to select No (no), confirm deletion. )

[Windows Fileexe/windowsdown] [Stopped/auto Start]

After restarting your computer, use the tools recommended below to clean up (remove) All selected points that you can detect (Windows Cleanup Assistant or Super Rabbit) reference

QQ is strongly recommended to reload after unloading.

Pay attention to change QQ network Game account password.

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