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Cmusphinx Wiki

This page contains collaboratively developed documentation for the CMU Sphinx speech recognition. Start User Documentation

This section contains links to documents which describe you to the use Sphinx to recognize speech. Currently, we have very little in the way of end-user tools, and so it is a bit sparse for the forseeable. Cmusphinx Tutorial for developers:getting started with Cmusphinx for developers Basic concepts of speech Overview of the Cmusphinx Toolkit Before you start building application using Pocketsphinx Building application using sphinx4 building LAN Guage Models adapting existing acoustic model building the acoustic model building a dictionary Using Pocketsphinx on Andr Oid

are in Trouble-read the Frequenty asked Questions (FAQ)

Also some docs:decoder versions:description of the software packages Download details:how to obtain Cmusphinx Packages how-to-get-help and discuss-things:how to-get help and discuss things HTTP://CMUSPHINX.SOURCEFORGE.NET/DOC/SPEEC H.ppt Cool presentation do by Heather dewey-hagborg

If you are want to find out where Cmusphinx works, and then Projects that use Sphinx:these Projects, both commercial and free, use Sphinx in one form or another. Advanced User Documentation

These documents are either describe some particular aspect of the Sphinx codebase in detail, or they serve as Adeveloper ' s GUI De to accomplishing some particular task. Building on Iphone:building Pocketsphinx in various platforms integrating Cmusphinx with Telephony Servers-asterisk and Freeswitch:how to use Pocketsphinx in Asterisk. The incomplete Guide to Sphinx-3 performance Tuning:how to tune the decoder to is fast (or rather, not horribly slow) Poc Ketsphinx optimizations for embedded devices. Phoneme recognition (caveat emptor): How to use Sphinx3 for phoneme. Segmentation and Diarization using Lium tools:using lium tools for speech segmentation and speaker diarization A n Acoustic model with LDA and Mllt feature Transforms:how to train acoustic models with LDA and Mllt feature U Sing Pocketsphinx with GStreamer and Python (or Vala): "How to" Pocketsphinx with GStreamer and Python installingpythons Tuff:how to install Python and necessary modules For Sphinxtrain Development Mmie training in Sphinxtrain:how to perform mmie. Http:// Robust Group Tutorial (Classic tutorial from CMU Speech Group website) Decoder Sphinx4 space:information about sphinx4, design, code, performance, history. Reference

These documents are describe the excruciating detail of APIs, or provide other useful background to information for Cmusphinx Dev Elopers. Doxygen documentation for Pocketsphinx Doxygen documentation for Sphinxbase Epydoc documentation for Sphinxtrain Python Mo Dules Javadocs for Sphinx4 Developer documentation

This section contains various internal information for Cmusphinx developers. But We hope it is still usable for you. Sphinx-4 regression tests:how to run regression Tests Layout of Sphinxtrain Code:an Overview of the Sphinxtrain source C Ode for researchers and Developers CMUCLMTK development:development Guide for the Cmu-cambridge Language modeling . Language Features for Sphinxbase, Sphinxthree, and Sphinxtrain upcoming CMU Sphinx-Software for Releases:plans R Eleases of Sphinx release Check List:how to make a release Web Site layout:how to organize information

File formats acoustic Model Format MFC files

Data sources:data sources

Materials for GSOC information for students:students information Tasks for Summer of Code Projects:ideas for Students

GSOC Previous years Google Summer of code Projects:google Summer of code a Projects Speech recognition theory

This section tries to collect the ideas for specific problems in speech recognition lattices wfst Search algorithms L Anguage Models Features Noise robustness adaptation

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