C#.net Large Enterprise Information System integration rapid development platform 4.2 version-Dozens of sets of business systems centralized unified authorization management realize experience sharing

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As a result of the rapid development of Internet e-commerce in recent years, courier companies have also entered the fast development of rapid growth period. With the strong demand of society, the company's performance has climbed to new highs. Rapid development of the company need to have a strong it information systems, hardware equipment basically to the goods can also be, but the software system is not so simple, need long-term maintenance and perfect to run smoothly.

The company has dozens of sets of business systems need rapid development, development team construction, software system construction, foundation platform construction are piled together, because we use a mature general rapid development platform, all users can centralize unified authorization, all business systems have unified management background configuration management, Almost a lot of energy is put on the development of business modules.

We roughly spent 2 years, the company's core business system, re-structured again, smooth on-line success. A company's core business system is even the main asset of the company and is the core asset to evaluate the listed assets. Safe and stable and controllable information system is the basic factor for a company to run smoothly and grow rapidly.

As there are more than 100,000 of users across the country online operation, there are various network environment, network instability and other factors, so need to support offline work, data download upload and other processing. Dozens of sets of business systems orderly, unified, need a powerful background management tools, centralized configuration permissions, support c\s, b\s system between the single sign-on.

Although it is very simple, but it took 2 years to truly stable maturity, feel that the 2 years is not wasted. The company spent a huge amount of manpower, material resources, financial resources, did not let the company's project failure, according to plan, orderly completed.

Then you can relax for a few years, learn new technology, perfect the details can be.

The development of a huge system is very tired, but the subsequent improvement of maintenance is easy, do not have to work overtime every day, close to 2 years all the energy is put in this project, often evening overtime to 11-12 points is a regular thing, there are weekends, holidays, most of the time to deal with these.

In fact, technology is not how much is very difficult, that is, the amount of data is large, need to have very hard kung fu, can optimize every detail, after all, more than 100,000 people in use every day, often online users have more than 10,000 people. The volume of business data is much larger, and I am primarily responsible for the underlying data portion, which is less than the amount of data.

Professional engaged in software business also has 15 years of time, there is such a huge system in person fencing, and there are so many people all over the country, and will be used for many years, or even more than 20 years, there is a sense of satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment produced. Life is not wasted.

C#.net Large Enterprise Information System integration rapid development platform 4.2 version-Dozens of sets of business systems centralized unified authorization management realize experience sharing

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