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The code review Chinese should be translated as a "coding review" or "Code review", which is a process that, when the developer has written the code, needs someone to review his code, which is an effective way to find bugs. As a result, we can examine the code's style, logic, ideas ..., identify problems, and improve the code. This is the best time to code refactoring, code resizing, code modification, because this is the time the code was just baked. So, code review is one of the most important aspects of coding implementation.

For a long time, code review needs to have some useful tools to support it, so that we can make it easier and more efficient to conduct code review. Here are 5 open source code review tools that can help you make this activity easier.

1. Review Board:

Review board is a web-based code review tool, Reviewboard is developed with Django. Review board can help us track changes to pending code and make Code-review easier and more concise. Although review Board was originally designed for use in VMware projects, it is now common enough. Currently, it supports these code version management software: SVN, CVS, Perforce, Git (, Bazaar, and mercurial.

Yahoo is one of the users of Review-board.

"Review board has changed the way code reviews, which can force high-quality code standards and styles, and can be a programmer for programmers." Every time you visit, its code is Review with the Review Board tool. We ' re great fans of your work! "–yahoo! Web Search

2. Codestriker:

Codestriker is also a web-based application that uses Gci-perl scripts to support online code reviews. Codestriker can be integrated into CVS, Subversion, ClearCase, Perforce, and visual SourceSafe. And some plugins can provide support for other source management tools.

David Sitsky is the author of Codestriker and one of the most active developers. Jason Remillard is another developer who has a way to survive and offers the most profound and meaningful contribution to the project. A large number of programmers contributed their code to the Codestriker project, leading to an unprecedented boom in the project.

3. Groogle:

Groogle is a web-based code review tool. Groogle support and Subversion integration. It mainly provides the following functions:

Syntax highlighting in a wide variety of languages.
Supports the comparison of the entire version tree.
Supports the diff feature of different versions of a file and has a graphical version of the tree.
Mail notifies all reivew of the current status of the person.
Authentication mechanism.

4. Rietveld:

Rietveld was developed by Guido van Rossum (he is the creator of Python, now a Google employee), the tool is based on the Mondrian tool, the author was initially developed for Google, and, in many Ways and review board It's like. It is also a web-based app and can be used by Google App engine as a host. It uses the current most popular web development framework Django and supports Subversion. Currently, any project that uses Google Code can use Rietveld and use the Python Subversion server. Of course, it also supports other subversion servers.

5. JCR

JCR or Jcodereview is also a web-based interface that was originally designed to be a code review tool for the Reivew Java language. Now, of course, it can be used for other non-Java code.

JCR mainly wants to assist:

Reviewers. All code changes are highlighted and syntax highlighting for most languages. Code extracts can show the comments on the codes. If you are review Java code, you can click on the class name in the code to see the declaration of the related class.
The project owner. You can easily create and configure projects that require review, and you do not need to integrate any software configuration management systems (SCM).
Process believers. All reviews are recorded in the database, and there are status reports, as well as a variety of statistics.
Architects and developers. This system also allows us to view comments that belong to a single file, which helps us refactor the code.
JCR is mostly about large projects, or very formal code reviews, and in this regard, he is not like the tools above.

Jupiter: Finally we want to mention Jupiter, which is another code review tool you can consider using, which is an Eclipse IDE plugin.


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