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Many personal webmaster in the construction of the site are very confused, in the end what kind of site is suitable for both visitors and search? Everyone has been looking for such a balance.

The topic I want to say here is the balance point: code to search, content to visitors.

When a webmaster makes a website or borrows another website template, should choose a larger template, can be arbitrary processing of visitors to see the content and search engine crawling content, each page should be fully to achieve such a harmonious reunification, so that visitors look like, so that the search engine on your page has a good opinion.

Take a website home page, the home page can be said to be the most important site, search engine crawl is the main home.

Personally, there are 3 places in the home page that need attention:

The first is the top 3 chunks, title,keywords,de***ion, which is the title, keyword and description. This aspect of the discussion on the website is also a lot of, I emphatically put forward a little, de***ion writing, we must pay attention, not to visitors, to the main to search, Properly embed some of your site's relevant keywords, guaranteed in 50 words or so.

The second block is the number of links to the page, the site is divergent, from a page to the vertical out, you have to be able to organize a good page of the link, as far as possible you want to be searched content, especially the latest content, can be displayed on the home page, and link the past. So, Home is not the same as the need to put some very important outdated content in the same static on the home page, you need a new content.

The third block is the frame design, the framework of each page you want to integrate the visitor's access habits and search preferences to do, visitors to visit the place value is nothing more than 2, one is their own needs of information, the other is the latest information, you do this should not be difficult to do. and search Preferences, You need to look at every search habit. From the constant practice and testing of heavy, we recommend that everyone:

Try to use DIV+CSS style design

Use text links more

Use pictures to add alt attributes to pictures

Want to focus on the search to see, bold, but note the number, generally 1-3 best

Try to avoid using scripts to open pages

Do not use frame frames

Use less picture links

Do these pieces, I believe that our site can make visitors and search are like, traffic will naturally go up.

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