Codeingiter 2.2.x and smarty3 integration solution to solve CI Deficiency

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Currently, the CI framework is available in version 2.0. I always wanted to try the core of my novel website.

I searched my website in China and found no such information. As long as I look for e-wen's website, I still find it. After testing, it can be used normally, on a website called cool PHP tool. The author provides the configuration scheme and the configured files, but Xilin always fails according to his writing steps. Later, I carefully read the file and found that, the friend mistaken the directory when packaging the file.

Next I will give you a detailed description of the configuration steps.

Step 1: Install codeingiter. This does not need to be detailed, for:

Step 2: download the latest version of smarty library,:

Step 3: Download the configuration file package. The smarty configuration scheme has been written in it. You can reconfigure it according to your own needs. : kb, downloads: 591)

Step 4: Create a libs directory under the system directory, and then create a smarty directory under the libs directory. The structure is as follows:

[This step is tested and directly stored in the project directory. For example, in application/libraries/smarty, write a class library in step 5, and then automatically load the file]


Then, put the smarty class library file in the above smarty directory.

Step 5: copy the files in the package to the corresponding folder under the root directory. Then create the smarty class library fileSmarty. php. The Code is as follows:

PHP Copy code<? PHP if (! Defined ('basepath') Exit ('no direct Script Access allowed ');
* Smarty class
* @ Package codeigniter
* @ Subpackage Libraries
* @ Category smarty
* @ Author Kepler gelotte
* @ Link
Require_once (basepath. 'libs/smarty/libs/smarty. Class. php ');
Class ci_smarty extends smarty {
Function ci_smarty (){
Parent: smarty ();
$ This-> compile_dir = apppath. "views/templates_c ";
$ This-> template_dir = apppath. "views/templates ";
$ This-> assign ('apppath', apppath );
$ This-> assign ('basepath', basepath );
Log_message ('debug', "smarty class initialized ");
Function _ construct (){
Parent: :__ construct ();
$ This-> compile_dir = apppath. "views/templates_c ";
$ This-> template_dir = apppath. "views/templates ";
$ This-> assign ('apppath', apppath );
$ This-> assign ('basepath', basepath );
// Assign codeigniter object by reference to Ci
If (method_exists ($ this, 'assignbyref ')){
$ CI = & get_instance ();
$ This-> assignbyref ("Ci", $ CI );
Log_message ('debug', "smarty class initialized ");
* Parse a template using the smarty Engine
* This is a convenience method that combines assign () and
* Display () into one step.
* Values to assign are passed in an associative array
* Name => value pairs.
* If the output is to be returned as a string to the caller
* Instead of being output, pass true as the third parameter.
* @ Access public
* @ Param string
* @ Param Array
* @ Param bool
* @ Return string
Function view ($ template, $ DATA = array (), $ return = false ){
Foreach ($ data as $ key => $ Val ){
$ This-> assign ($ key, $ Val );
If ($ return = false ){
$ CI = & get_instance ();
$ Ci-> output-> final_output = $ this-> fetch ($ template); return;} else {return $ this-> fetch ($ template );}}} // end smarty class Copy code

Then save the file to the following directory:

Application/libraries/smarty. php

The directory in the original text is/system/application/libraries/smarty. php, but an error is reported here.

Step 6: Let the CI automatically load the smarty library each time. Open the/system/application/config/autoload. php file and add the smarty library name in $ autoload ['libraries'] as follows:

PHP Copy code$ Autoload ['libraries'] = array ('smarty '); Copy code

Finally, you can try the smarty library to work normally. The previous compressed package already contains the original test file. Test path:

Http: // your-site/index. php/Example

The correct results page is as follows:

Update Description: This error is often reported after the smarty environment is configured!

When this error occurs, open the libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_data.php file and search$ _ VariableThe name of the variable. Most errors are written$ _ Variable. Delete the preceding $ symbol!

Codeingiter 2.2.x and smarty3 integration solution to solve CI Deficiency

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