Common advanced search commands for major search engines

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Common advanced search commands for major search engines


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Crawler-based search engines use search commands such as Boolean logical operators, unified operators, and functional words to implement different search functions. Search commands play a role in targeting and controlling the search results. The more commands you use, the more powerful the search engine has. However, in addition to boolean logical operators and unified operators, there is no unified vocabulary standard for retrieval commands. Different search engines implement some same or similar retrieval functions, different retrieval commands may be used, and some retrieval commands may be applicable to multiple search engines. The diversity of search commands makes it difficult for practical applications. In the search practice, we can classify and classify search commands by function to facilitate understanding, understanding, and correct use. The following is a list of frequently-used advanced search commands and functions of several major search engines. The instructions are in square brackets [], followed by the search engines that use the commands.

1. Title search)
[Title:] AltaVista, alltheweb, Inktomi, MSN
[Intitle:] Google, Teoma, Yahoo
[Allintitle:] Google

2. website search)
[Host:] AltaVista
[Hostname:] Yahoo
[Site:] excite, Google, Netscape, Yahoo, Teoma
[Domain:] Inktomi, Hotbot, Iwon, looksmart, MSN

3. URL search)
[URL:] AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo (with http: // required ://)
[Url. ALL:] alltheweb, Lycos
[Allinurl:] Google
[Inurl:] Google, Yahoo, Teoma
[Originurl:] Inktomi, AOL, Goto, Hotbot
[Url. Domain:] alltheweb
[Url. HOST:] alltheweb, Lycos

4. Link search)
[Link:] AltaVista, Google, Yahoo (with http: // required ://)
[Flink:] Google
[Linkdomain:] Inktomi, AOL, Hotbot, Iwon, MSN, Yahoo
[Link. ALL:] alltheweb, Lycos
[Inlink:] Teoma
[Link. Extension:] alltheweb

5. Anchor search)
[Anchor:] AltaVista
[Allinanchor:] Google

6. File Search)
[Filetype: file type suffix] (such as PDF, Doc, SwF, etc.) Google, Iwon, AOL, Netscape
[Feature: file type name] (Acrobat, ActiveX, audio, embed, Flash, frame, audio, video, etc.) Yahoo, MSN, Hotbot, overture

7. Boolean search)
[+] Applicable to various search engines
[-] Applicable to various search engines
[Or] AltaVista, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Google, Hotbot, MSN, Teoma, Yahoo, alltheweb, Lycos

8. Intercept search)
[*] AltaVista, Inktomi, Iwon, Yahoo
[?] AOL, Inktomi, Iwon

We noticed that the retrieval commands of the same search technology or search engine with same search results are basically the same. However, the relationship between providers of search technologies or search results and their collaborators is never static. As the relationship between search engines changes, the search commands used by various search engines will also be adjusted and changed.


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