Common problems and correct maintenance methods for inkjet printers

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For inkjet printers, there may be two reasons why the print characters are not full or the characters are not clear, and the ink cartridge, printer, or direct sunlight can cause the nozzle to clog up for a long time. The solution to the computer skills is that you can change the new cartridge or ink, if the cartridge is not used up, you can conclude that the nozzle is blocked: Remove the ink cartridge (for ink cartridge nozzle is not one printer, need to remove the nozzle), put the nozzle in warm water soak for a while, pay attention to the circuit board must not be part of the immersion, otherwise disastrous consequences.

When printed, the handwriting is clear while the other side is not clear. This phenomenon generally appears in the stylus printer, inkjet printer may also appear, but the probability is small, mainly the print head guide and print roll is not parallel, resulting in the distance between the two are nearly caused by. The solution to computer use is to adjust the spacing between the print head guides and the print rollers to make them parallel. The concrete method is: loosen the adjustment piece of the two sides of the print head Guide respectively, turn the adjusting piece of counterclockwise to reduce the gap, finally the print Head guide rail and print roll adjust to parallel can solve the problem. However, pay attention to adjust the direction of Si Cho, you can gradually adjust, more than a few printing.

When the stain is repeated on the paper, it is caused by ink cartridge or ink tube leaking ink; When the nozzle performance is poor, the ink and the remaining ink can not be well disconnected and in equilibrium, there will be a phenomenon of ink leakage. When the print head movement is blocked, stop ringing or vibrate in the same place, this is due to ink box or ink tube leaking ink, when the nozzle performance is poor, the ink and the remaining ink can not be very good disconnect and in a balanced state, there will be a phenomenon of ink leakage. The most common failure of the

Printer is a paper jam. When this failure occurs, the operator panel lights up and emits an alarm signal to the host. There are many reasons for this failure, such as the paper [the output path contains sundries, paper roller and other parts of the rotation failure, paper tray, sensor failure, such as to eliminate the fault of the method is very simple, just open the cover, remove the card can be, but note that you must press the direction of the paper to get paper, can not turn any knob in the opposite direction.

If you frequently have a paper jam, check the feed channel, clear the clutter of the output path, and the front edge of the paper is just above the metal plate. Check whether the paper roller wear or spring loose, not enough pressure, that is, the paper can not be fed into the machine. Paper roll wear, can not be replaced for a while, can be wound rubber band method for emergency treatment. After winding the rubber band, the friction of rubbing paper is increased, and the paper can return to normal. In addition, the installation of paper tray is not normal, paper quality is not good (too thin, too thick, damp), will also cause paper jam or can not pick up the fault. Most of the

Inkjet printer garbled behavior is due to the failure of the print interface circuit or the main control SCM damage, and the actual overhaul found that the printer interface circuit damage is more common, because the interface circuit using micro-power supply, once the interface charged to produce instantaneous high-voltage electrostatic, it is very easy to breakdown interface chip , generally just replace the interfaceChip, this kind of fault can be excluded. In addition, the font is not properly loaded into the printer can also occur this phenomenon.

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