Common tax risk management indicators and tax risk management

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Common tax risk management indicators and tax risk management

Through data analysis technology, the risk warning index values are calculated in real time and randomly organized and managed according to business needs to ensure more reasonable and intelligent tax risk management. common tax risk management indicators are as follows:

Tax Base comparison exception

Advance fee exception warning information

Other payable exception warning information

Other Receivables exception warning information

Gross salary exception warning information

The sales income report is incorrect.

Abnormal non-business expenditure reporting

Abnormal donation expense reporting

New Capital Accumulation exception

An exception occurred while reporting the fees for other projects.

Service fee exception warning information

Meeting expenses exception warning information

Travel expenses exception warning information

Abnormal office supplies fee warning information

Communication fee exception warning information

Tax Deduction exception warning information

An error occurred while tax deduction and exemption for prepayment Declaration

The tax deduction and exemption rate for prepaid applications is incorrect.

Non-resident equity transfer exception

An error occurred while making the payment.

Exceptions in overseas labor expenditure

Expenditure on transferred intangible assets outside China is abnormal

Normal Invoice invoicing income reporting is negative

Temporary taxpayers who frequently apply for ordinary invoices

General invoices not paid for long term

Small-scale taxpayers with normal invoice purchase records but zero declaration in subsequent months

Apply for a temporary taxpayer with a large unified invoice amount

Invoice generation not fully filed for sales monitoring

Early warning of insufficient income reporting for general invoices

Monitoring of more than three equal-value reporting periods in a row

Abnormal user-related monitoring

Frequent cancellation and shelling in a short period of time

Frequent deferred reporting monitoring

Abnormal export growth

Abnormal services in the export special supervision area

No invoice is reported as negative

Check the deduction information of special VAT payment books imported by the customs of Commercial Enterprises

The ID card type of the person with disabilities is the same as the ID card number of the person with the same ID card.

Declared VAT and tax-free income, but not qualified for preferential treatment

Average taxpayer's tax burden is low (the tax burden is lower than the historical level)

Negative Number of VAT input tax amount transferred

Changes in the proportion of duty-free sales

Freight deduction credential information check

Enjoy the value-added tax first and then return or refund immediately and the tax burden is abnormal

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