Common trouble of cooling fan and its solution

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As more and more circuits are integrated into the microprocessor, as well as increasing energy consumption, the problem of heat dissipation has to be revisited. Computer cooling system for a variety of, water-cooled, semiconductor refrigeration, oil and cold. But the most commonly used is the relatively inexpensive air-cooled, which is the cooling fan. There are two main devices that use the cooling fan in the desktop, one is the power supply and the other is the CPU. Power supply fan because of design problems generally longer life, while the CPU cooling fan is consumable goods. This article is to the CPU cooling fan common fault, put forward some simple solution.

Common Failures One: 1486 microcomputer CPU cooling fan, in the recent use of the sudden special noisy noise. Even larger than the sound of the chassis power supply, after careful examination. Originally due to the loss of "repair", fan surface and radiator gap gathered too much dust. The motor lubricating oil of the fan has completely dried up, so the motor-like Roar is caused.

Workaround: Separate the fan from the heatsink, and wash the radiator directly with tap water. The cooling fan first uses the soft paper to wipe, the crevice place may use the medical small cotton swab to rub. Turn on the plastic sticker on the back of the fan and use the ordinary sewing machine oil to drip into the movement 1 drops of ―2 drip. You can also use the toy four-car paste-like grease, dosage should not be too much.

Common failure 2:1 Socket370 cooling fan, the early use of normal. It can be found that the fan automatically moves the fixed position in the near time. After investigation, the original fixed radiator buckle failure, due to fan rotation caused by resonance phenomenon, resulting in fan displacement.

Workaround: Replace the new clip.

Common failure 3:1 new Druon800 computer, fan for Duron aluminum alloy dedicated cooling fan. After moving home, so that it does not stop the work of the test machine, was not left unattended in attendance. After several hours came back to find the computer black screen, reboot invalid. Open the chassis to find the fan to stop rotating, after checking the original motherboard BIOS in the automatic energy-saving features open. System for a long time no response, automatic suspend, CPU fan shutdown caused the CPU temperature is too high and burning "corpse."

Workaround: Carefully review the BIOS setup instructions and turn off suspend mode.

Common fault four: when the fan rotates, sometimes it hears "clatter" collisions, sometimes without. Open the chassis to view, the original chassis cluttered with data lines and power cords, and sometimes the thread touched the fan blades. As a result, the fan turns, making an unusual noise.

Workaround: Use a rubber band, tape, etc. to bundle the scattered data line power cords in the chassis to avoid passing through the CPU's cooling fan.

Common failure 5:1 new CPU cooling fan, in less than a week, the noise is too large, and the rotation is not smooth and so on. The speed of the fan is just slow, and the noise is relatively large, after a period of timeis back to normal. Initially thought to be a fan motor problem, the replacement of the same fan after the use of a period of time still appear above the phenomenon. After analysis, the original cooling fan in the indoor temperature is low, resulting in the rotation of the lubricant on the bearing failure.

Solution: Add the fan into the antifreeze lubricant and pay attention to the ambient temperature.

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